Sunday, June 7, 2009

Souvenir Sunday

Here’s a fun vintage Disneyland Souvenir puzzle. This Whitman Puzzle is dated 1956 and sure looks it. Hey, where’s Alice??? You can see some previously posted Disneyland Puzzles here; 1955 Tomorrowland - Jaymar (link), 1955 Frontierland – Whitman (link) and 1956 Christmas – Whitman (link).

Following up on yesterday’s post, a loyal reader sent in these scans. Proof positive that there was a “Bewitched” and “Grad Nite 1961” connection.


Katella Gate said...

The Whitman puzzile is interesting: somebody had the presence of mind to keep the ORIGINAL art for the Whitman company and have been selling them on eBay lately. I've seen some fairly obscure/inconsequential pieces go for $400, I'd hate to think what the Tea Cups art would be worth.

Nice try on the faux "Bewitched" gate pieced, you old bamboozeler you.

Hanna Barbera did that animation: no way is it going on anything that says "Disney".

Anonymous said...

Would it be okay to plug a site?

has lots of amazing stuff and plenty of Disney-related downloads. I mention it because he says that 2009 will be his last year. Maybe someone else =ahem= can host the relevant stuff in the future.

Get this stuff while you can.

Major Pepperidge said...

I always loved the animated opening to "Bewitched" (and didn't know that Hanna Barbera was responsible)!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bewitched ran from 1964-1972.