Friday, June 19, 2009

Magic Mountain - 1971 Goodies

Taking a break from Disneyland and Grad Nite’s, let’s head a couple gallons north and visit Magic Mountain. All of the items in today’s post came from the same person, the magazine it dated August / September 1971, I would guess all these items to be from 1971 or very near there.

Southern California Holiday, August / September 1971. I loved those huge books, it always reminded me Gumby “He can walk into any book with his pony pal pokey too”…

The Gold Rusher, shiny and new. This is still one of my favorite rides at Magic Mountain, the helix in this photo is still a “rush”.

Sign me up for Mel Torme! The park no longer looks anything like these photos; does anyone else out there remember when it looked like this? I do.

Here’s a super rare item. This menu from the Das Alpenhaus restaurant has got to be the first edition. They dropped the font that “Magic Mountain” is in pretty early on. Plus the prices are unreasonably cheap.

Beer!!!! Why isn’t this place still open??? That’s quite an extensive and impressive menu. I ate at the replacement to this restaurant a few years ago, kind of a moose lodge now. It was “ok”.

I bet the museum at the top of the sky tower doesn’t have one of these; maybe I need to check it out and donate it if they don’t have it.

A fun “mini” postcard souvenir book. You can still get this view of the fountain today, just pay no attention to the huge orange columns sprouting everywhere from Tatsu!

Wow, the Metro Monorail (Bring back the Metro!), El Bumbo and Eagle Flight heading into the El Dorado Station.

Come back Bonus Sunday for all the little postcards.


Jeff said...

Fantastic post. Keep the MM stuff coming!

JesterMN said...

I'm sure you know the management has said many times that although they'd like to have the Metro back, it's not economically possible to do so. It will be fully dismantled in the next couple of years.

Katella Gate said...

I understand your desire to share, but resist the impulse: DON'T DONATE ANYTHING TO ANYBODY.

I'm not a collector, but I have run museums, and I am of the certain opinion that an informed, diligent, intelligent private collector will take better care of these types of artifacts than a corporate repository.

Example #1: On the Queen Mary, the guy in charge of the ship's collection of artifacts would solicit and receive donations from the public. He kept the best for himself.

Example #2: This Blog. If you had donated this menu to MM, it would never be posted on the internet like this. Management isn't interested in goodwill gestures unless they can be monetized.

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha, as soon as I saw the Metro I knew that I'd see the "Bring back the Metro" plea!

Poor Six Flags is so broke (didn't they just file for bankruptcy protection?) that I would not hold my breath unfortunately.

Take lots of pictures the next time you go, who knows if the park will survive much longer...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember the park like this...many years since i went last, after reading the comments about the park today, i probably wont go again...too sad.

thanks for putting this stuff up, brings back good memories.

Anonymous said...

Where exactly was Das Alpenhaus? These pictures are AMAZING! And yes....I agree with Katella - don't donate anything!! You have your own museum right HERE.

TokyoMagic! said...

Thank you for posting that magazine! I had that one as a kid, but I cut the darn thing up! Ugh! I did that with a few Disney things too....why? Fortunately I didn't do it to too many items and it was mostly to things I had a second copy of....with the exception of maybe that magazine. It was great seeing it again!

Yes, do not donate......and yes, BRING BACK THE METRO!!!!!!!!!!!

jedblau said...

I don't think MM will be closed anytime soon; Chapter 11 isn't a death-sentence, but rather an opportunity to get your s**t together.

By the way, when the hell is that Sky Tower open anyway? I've been there twice since they opened the museum, and it's been a no-go.

As for museums, I've very successfully loaned stuff from my collection to museum in the past (Autry, Chicago Art Institute), but everyone is right...don't just hand stuff over for keeps.