Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Disneyland by Starlite - June 22 - 28, 1969

Now that summer is officially upon us it’s time for “Disneyland by Starlite”. Not to be confused with “Summer Nightastic”, this event rocked Disneyland from June 22 thru June 28, 1969.

This promotion was to get more folks in the park at night for the extended summer hours. It is similar to an earlier promotion “Starlite Nights” (link). Having bang-up entertainment is one way to get people to come; Pat Boone, The Osmond Brothers (just 9 months before this), The Righteous Brothers, Roy Clark. These are pretty big names, who exactly is headlining the “Summer Nightastic”, that’s right, a flying elephant and a broken dragon.

To make things extra fun, the week ended with “Date Nite” (link). The Aggregation is the coolest name ever for a band! Check out all this entertainment that is in addition to the headliners, amazing. “The Banjo Kings on the Mark Twain” Nice! “And, many, many more”. What, there was even more entertainment than was listed?

Since were dancing the Nite away at Disneyland in the Summer of 1969, how about a peak at the Summer 1969 edition of Vacationland? Is the cover photo even a real photo? It looks so perfect.

In case the flyer above didn’t convince you to come see the summer Nites at Disneyland, maybe this article will. I really dig the art work for this article, it invokes something that just makes me smile ear to ear, like this does too (link).

How many times before this did Disneyland say the Haunted Mansion would be open soon? This time it was for real. I believe that’s the infamous hat-box ghost.

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire Summer 1969 Vacationland.


DIsney On Parole said...
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DIsney On Parole said...

"On Stage U.S.A."! I knew you'd have something on this show!!!
I would have loved to see Peggy Lee at the park! and Roy Clark...
I did work with him on the 30th T.V. special for DL. He was one the best celebrities to work with! such Talent! and FUN!!!
Thanks Again for the trip down memory lane!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

This stuff is always the best. The Righteous Brothers bring back a lot of cool memories. Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

I can't believe that they actually needed to encourage people to go (or stay) to the park at night. That's my favorite time!!

TokyoMagic! said...

I love that Wonderful World of Disney episode with the Osmonds and Kurt Russell....oh yeah and let's not forget, E.J. Peaker!

Katella Gate said...

All who are well-bred agree
E.J.P. has pedigree

olddisneylandfan said...

I've often lamented that Disneyland doesn't feature big-name entertainers any longer. The stages today are generally dark or feature so-so in-house shows or high school bands. Not at all like the old days.

Katella Gate said...

In fairness to Disneyland in the matter of selection of entertainers, the late 60s was the end of an era when an entertainer could appeal to a broad demographic: Grandma, Mom, Dad, Kids. It's no coincidence that variety shows died out at this same time.

The market is now divided up into "segments" which are better described as "tribes", and tribes don't get along. Music is the main avenue that people proclaim tribal allegiance, and the music is designed to embrace some and alienate others.

So the $64 question is: If Disneyland were to revive the headline musical act who could they recruit? Who could play that didn't turn off a big segment of the market, and still had an image that harmonized with the Disney Image?

Zanuck said...

Hello there. Great post. Really love the Vacationland cover. Is it all right if I post the 1st poster on my twitter? It's theinnbetweener, if you're interested. Thanks so much!