Friday, April 17, 2009

Viewpoint - Magic Mountain Newsletter - September 1975

Today’s post might be a little dry for some readers, but I know there are at least a couple of loyal readers who will appreciate this oddity. From September 1975 it’s the “Viewpoint” a newsletter for Magic Mountain located in Valencia, California.

The best part of the newsletter is this cover. It explains in detail what was inside of the Magic Pagoda. If you ever experienced this “walk-thru” attraction, the descriptions should bring back lots of fun memories. There are even a couple of black and white photos of the interior, which are so rare it's not even funny. Try a Google image search for “magic pagoda interior magic mountain” and the first three results are from my blog, and they aren’t even photos! “The report varies as to who actually posed for the creation of Hotei” I say it was Curly Howard.

Fascinating article on devices for smaller children to ride on height restricted rides. I wonder if that “unsuspecting test pilot” had a lawyer? I miss the Mountain Express.

Here’s the Mountain Express in it’s hey day at Magic Mountain. These photos came from the Roller Coaster Database website ( according to them, the Mountain Express saw two more parks, it was at Magic Landing in Texas in 1984/85, then in 1993 it went on to "Bosque Mágico" ("Magical Forest") in Guadalupe, Nuevo León Mexico. It remained in service until 2006 when it was disassembled and sold for scrap (link). Footnote: That little coaster went 40mph and was a blast to ride.

Back to the newsletter, “Magic Mountain Family Day at Knott’s”, how fun!

How about some "The Wizard and The Trolls" comics? This one is pretty darn funny and not PC in any way.

This short little comic is quite whimsical, it made me chuckle out loud.

Last up here’s the bottom portion of a fold out brochure, it highlights the Major Additions for 1975.

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Major Pepperidge said...

The Magic Pagoda (was it ever called the "Pearl Pagoda"??) is one of those things that is hard to describe to people, but I always looked forward to seeing it. The flashing neon, the indoor waterfall, and I think I remember trippy Asian music playing as well... in fact, "trippy" is as good a description as any for the whole pagoda!

The Exaggerator said...

Let's just hope there's more of these copies of "Viewpoints" around as are worth sharing.

Especially cute (coming as it does from a longtime Trolls fan) was the "Wizard and Trolls" cartoon, in particular the final panel as has Bloop admonishing The Wizard for remarks that "can hurt the soul of a Troll."

And, speaking of Trolls in the California variant, you have to wonder what exactly goes through the mind of a Troll when they're having fun....

Jeff said...

Fantastic update! Thank you for the Pagoda info!

Chris Merritt said...

Amazing! There is hardly any Magic Pagoda info out there....

outsidetheberm said...

I can't believe I missed this the first time!

Nice post!