Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!


Disney On Parole said...

I loved the "Easter Egg Hunt"!
Thanks for Sharing... Happy Easter!

keeline said...

I think during this period Disneyland was not open 7 days a week. Hence, it would be easier for the park to allow some photography on one of the days when there were not guests. This is also a day/time when it is more practical to have extensive work done.

There is a series of photos taken by a former CM that appears on eBay called "Disneyland Without People". The CM parked his car on Main Street.


Wishbook said...

I had the exact same thoughts about the gondola picture of the rooftops and truck! Truck or no truck, it seems like a poor choice of photo perspective. But I gotta' wonder what the truck was doing there, too!