Friday, April 3, 2009

June 1958 Disneyland Flyer

From June 1958 here’s a fun Disneyland gate flyer. I’ve recently seen one of these sell on eBay for $50, which is just crazy money. There’s one currently on eBay (link) its only at $16, that seems more reasonable, I'll be curious to see the final price.

Lost children could be found at the end of E. Plaza Street, “Report to the matron in charge.

What a super map! This is very similar to Daveland’s magnificent interactive home page of his Disneyland picture website (link).  If you haven't been to Dave's site, you're missing an amazing collection of Disneyland photos.

The precursor to Vacationland, this is the cover to the Disneyland Holiday magazine from the summer of 1958.

The world of tomorrow is here today, yes its 1987 at Disneyland! There’s a rare Viewliner sighting in the upper right corner.


Comeback on Double Bonus Sunday for this entire issue of Disneyland Holiday along with the 1970 Schwinn at Knott’s Catalog.

Comeback tomorrow for early April trip report.


Katella Gate said...

This question is probably best directed at Disneyland Nomenclature: In the first illustration, the word "Disneylanders" is used to refer to guests.

The only other time I remember encountering the word was in Wally Boag's Tiki Room Barker Bird speech that started as a Shakespeare parody.."Friends, Romans, and Disneylanders...." I thought this was an ad lib by Wally, but now I see it's really a part of discarded corporate vocabulary.

My question is how wide spread was it? When was it retired? Was it replaced by "Guest" or were the two used at the same time?

Disney On Parole said...

Love the art on the DL Gate flyer,Looks like the tattoos...
and then Tink serving up a meal,Priceless!
and the Map is GREAT!

Thanks again!

Major Pepperidge said...

Back in the pre-ebay days, you might have to shell out $50 and up for gate handout flyers that now go for a few bucks. The 1963 (I think - with the orange cover) was considered especially rare. You could probably get all of them through to the mid 60's for a fraction of what you used to pay!

outsidetheberm said...

Have to agree with Major - those flyers are pretty easy to find these days. It used to be such a hunt!

Jason Schultz said...

Katella Gate: Not sure if you'll see it at this late date, but I think "Disneylanders" on the flyer refers to Cast Members. (It is the consideration of the employees that the Guests have a happy and memorable experience.) I have never seen a Disney publication use it in reference to Guests.

Anonymous said...