Monday, April 20, 2009

The California Highway Patrolman - April 1988

Welcome to Magazine Monday! Can you believe we’ve done this every Monday since January? And there’s still more to go. I did warn everyone that the magazine posts would be getting more obscure, so here you go.

From April 1988 it’s the California Highway Patrolman. Produced by the California Association of Highway patrolmen, this is volume 52, issue number 4. The article itself is pretty basic stuff with a few stock black & white photos. The cover photo of course was taken just for this issue. That Mustang looks pretty stealthy with no lights on the top!

The Main Street Electrical Parade is hard enough to get good photos of, but black & white in a magazine does the parade no justice.

Star Tours and Captain EO (EO - possibly worse than Honey I shrunk the audience) are the main focus of this article.

This would be an amazing photograph in color.

Michael Jackson appears to be about half way thru his transformation into what ever he is today.

There are no advertisements of the usual type in this magazine, just sponsorship stuff, very dry & boring. Speaking of dry & boring, here’s an article on the history of the “Klystron”. Just when you thought you knew everything.

Since I complained a bit about the lack of color photos, how about a couple more of the Souvenir Slides from the ‘80’s? While these don’t look great, they do a little more justice to the parade than the photo from the CHP article.

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Major Pepperidge said...

That mustang... those didn't look so good in the 80's! And the fact that it doesn't have the lights on top is just plain mean!

I never saw "Captain Eo", by then I was already uninterested in anything Mr. Jackson was involved with.

Hey, there's the king from "Robin Hood" in that last photo, bet he doesn't appear at the parks anymore!