Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trip Report

I had a couple hours to visit the park on Thursday, I debated if it was worth fighting the spring break crowds. Let me tell you, it was well worth it! The spring break crowds didn’t show up, at least not by 1pm. It was a pleasant visit, a little overcast, but perfect weather to walk the park three times in two hours.

First thing thru the gates I find Alice and the Mad Hatter hamming it up with the Disneyland Band and guests. If you like Alice be sure and visit “Vintage Disney Alice”.

Check out Alice here, someone threw her a kiss, I love the way she grabs it and tucks it away!

Goofy is totally perplexed here; “How do those kids even know who that guy is”?

These guys were playing in New Orleans Square. I just missed a more snazzy tune, this one is a bit slow.

This guy was jamming on the previous tune.

New Orleans Square or Ghost Town?

My newest fun thing to do; get a Gumbo Bowl just before noon then sit right next to the Pirates of the Caribbean line and count how many people comment on my food. (22)

Speaking of food, by sheer coincidence the new Roundup & Barbecue had its grand opening just moments after I stumbled across it at 11:15am. Yes it's $28.95 for adults, $35 after tax and tip. (My Gumbo with large coke was $12). The folks inquiring didn’t seem to mind the price, however they wanted to eat now but were told to come back at 11:30am.

The entire crew was getting a pep-talk. That photographer looked official or he’s from the X-files.

Forget about the food (like I’m ever gonna eat there?) This whole area is a vintage Disneylander’s dream. I don’t remember every being able to photograph this “Natures Wonderland” relic from this side. It looks great, the refurbishment really came out well.

And this area just gets better; you can walk right up and touch the vintage Surrey. You bet I did!

These two were behind ropes so I didn’t touch them, I just gazed.

I’m looking through you”…

This woman herself was not smoking, nor was her baby. However, folks nearby were smoking. Let’s hope she just didn’t see the sign.

Mickey usually is a little nicer to me! He was in a big hurry; he didn’t slow down one bit, he didn’t even have his “handler” with him.

This is why Mickey was in such a hurry.

Three Fences are doing very well. I’m starting to get weird looks from people when I take pictures of this spot.

My camera traveled beyond the fence for this shot. (Maybe this is why I was getting the weird looks?)

I’ve been chronicling the crumbling monorail support section near the Tomorrowland Terrance for months now, in fact, since September 12th (link), again on December 13th (link) and again on January 30th 2009 (link). So when I came upon this new construction wall I was glad to see someone at the park is finally going to fix it.

Still looks the same, the spackle and paste is peeling off just like I said it would.

Upon closer inspection, this isn’t a construction wall, it’s more of a falling debris shelter.

Tell me they are going to fix the track and not just leave this eyesore up to “catch the pieces as they fall”, that would be a lame maintenance plan.

Smile inducing.

The newest Monorail was buzzing around the track. This thing is ORANGE. No color shifting here, it’s orange as a pumpkin!

When did Aliens take over Tomorrowland? I thought that was part of the “Tomorrowand 2055” concept that died? Hey, I’m digging that original “Men” sign, which looks 1967 to me. This is the bathroom on the left side of the American Sings building.

Taking a cue from this photo (link) over at Videblog, this is the pylon that had one of its legs cut while it was back stage in 1997. You can see where it was welded back. You can also see that something else you to be attached that was welded off as well. Also, calling maintenance, I see some rust!

Say it isn’t so? I’ve seen these before and assumed they were reproductions or something, but after comparing them to vintage photos, this appears to be 1967 Rocket Jet. Ugh.

And one last maintenance issue. PLEASE fix this! Moisture is obviously getting inside and sooner than later lots of tiles are going to start popping off. Give me $200, I'll go to Home Depot, get the supplies and fix it myself! On a side note, if they don't want to fix it, I want one of those tiles!!!!

Eric the Piano Man was sounding mighty fine.

How do you do?

Totally ridiculous, but those girls seem to like it.

Hey, I want to ride up front. Nice new pavement.

A few shots of the Omnibus as I head out of the park.

It's so shinny you can see yourself!

I think I’ll drive this baby home instead of my car, I’ll figure it all out.

Update: I forgot to post the Dapper Dan's looking dapper as ever.


TokyoMagic! said...

Yay....I love your trip reports! It's the next best thing to being there. How come whenever I go to the park, there are always people everywhere?

Okay, first off...that is odd that every kid in that pic is focused on Bert and not one of them is paying any attention to Goofy.

Disney better not EVEN think about removing that Nature's Wonderland rockwork!

Odd color choice for the third and final with black windows? Doesn't make me think about Tomorrow or the future. Makes me think of Halloween.

Yes, those are the old Rocket Jets in the Buzz shop. When that was the exit shop for the Rocket Rods, those vehicles still had their original color scheme. There were also Skyway buckets hanging from the ceiling and some PeopleMover pannels in front of the cash registers back then.

Very cool photo of your reflection in the Omnibus! I can see the Lincoln poster behind you, as well as the Opera House comedy and tragedy masks reflected in the windshield. Did you get a new camera?

Thanks for the park update!

Daveland said...

Glad you ended up going! Always great to have the park to yourself to get some of those way cool detail shots that you always capture. Nice job!

PTA Transit Authority said...

Always enjoy your trip pics Tim. These are extra special. Great work.

Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, I love those trip reports! Lots of good stuff. The orange Monorail looks great to me! So neat to see the refurbished rockwork from Nature's Wonderland! And the Main Street vehicles on display, what a wonderful idea.


Matt said...

Yay Alice and Hatter! They are some of the only walkarounds that you can actually interact with these days...most of the other humans are of the princess variety, and are by appointment only it seems.