Monday, April 27, 2009

Holiday Magazine - July 1963

Welcome to magazine Monday. Today’s featured magazine is from the “this just in” department. Having never heard of “Holiday” magazine, I wasn't sure what to expect when this arrived last week. Lucky for us it’s a great vintage “Camelot” era “Life” sized travel magazine, and it’s in super shape too! Holiday Magazine - July 1963.

There’s only one photo of Disneyland in the entire article. The lengthy text more than makes up for the lack of photos. The author, Aubrey Menen, seems a little schizophrenic, he can’t decide if Walt’s Disneyland is a masterpiece or a jumbled mess. This article is unlike the others I’ve posted in a few ways, the author gets behind the scenes looks at the studio and after hours at Disneyland.

I attempted to merge the two sides of the photo together, it came out OK.

Check this out: the author got a sit down interview with Walt Disney himself. My favor quote from the author regarding Walt: “Mr. Disney’s hands move restlessly all the while he talks, picking up things from his desk or the restaurant table, playing with them and casting them aside with a sharp gesture, as though they had failed to come up to his standards”. I knew there was a reason I love Walt!

There is an amazing quantity of quality advertisements in this oversized travel magazine, so I hope you like old ads, because here are 16 of them! Believe it or not I had to leave a few good ones out, maybe I’ll throw them in on Bonus Sunday.

Automobiles for your travels. Up first, Cadillac of course. Nice convertible and formal limousine. The smartly dressed couple are asking the chauffer if he’ll race for pink slips!

Buy a Ford because the of the new “Cushion Recoil”… Just sound like springs with rubber insulators to me.

Chrysler is absent from this issue, maybe a sign of things to come? Oh well, Mercedes Benz took out a full page ad, definitely a sign of things to come. “A Subsidiary of Studebaker Corporation”, say what?

1963 and they had some pretty darn cool run flat tires, it's almost James Bond-like.

ViewMaster! Boy the slides on that reel sure look vivid.

Here are a few cruise ship ads. This first one instantly reminded me of Pacific Ocean Park, what fun art work!

You’re going to need some stylish luggage for all your world travels. The lady is mega elegant; I hope they are going first class.

What a great Coke ad!

This magazine had no less than a dozen alcohol ads, I suppose travel = money = alcohol? This beer ad is innocent enough; it’s the smart way to buytwo at a time. Is the smart way to drink, two (six packs) at a time?

I always prepare my Fitz Mist with my red fluffy Santa gloves on, it makes the snifter easier to pack with crushed ice, then add a jigger of Old Fitz and a twist of lemon, let frost, relax and enjoy…

Has the rain stopped your golf game? Drink for awhile until it clears up.

Interesting art work and lots of drink recipes.

Now that you are completely drunk, why not smoke? Go ahead and forget this: Smoking causes peripheral vascular disease, Smoking causes emphysema, Smoking causes mouth and throat cancer, Smoking clogs your arteries, Don't let children breath your smoke, Smoking - A leading cause of death, Quitting will improve your health, Smoking harms unborn babies, Smoking causes blindness, Smoking causes lung cancer, Smoking causes heart disease, Smoking doubles your risk of stroke, Smoking is addictive, and Tobacco smoke is toxic. With that said, that couple does look ever so cool don't they?

Nice box.


The Viewliner Limited said...

Great post. Fantastic magazine. Always liked the Viewmaster adds. Yesterdays Backstage mag was awesome. The web site is starting to look very cool Tim! Thanks again for all the great reading material, Richard.

Disney On Parole said...

Thanks Tim,
LOVE the Golf ad!
yeah,Drink and then golf!
then have another drink and drive home... O' the 60s

TokyoMagic! said...

Great article and advertisements! Let me get this straight....smoking is bad for you?

Oh, and it also causes premature wrinkling of the skin, gum disease and impotence!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, there was a time (pre-ebay) when I looked and looked for this magazine, and I finally gave up. And here it is! Thanks.

As always, I am as fascinated by the ads as I am by the Disneyland article. Even the cigarette ads!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Viewliner; thanks for the nice words, I'm working hard on the "guide books" section of my website, expect to see a progress report this weekend :-)

DOP: The abundance of booze ads surprised me, was everyone drunk on hard alcohol in the 60's? Do you have a time machine?

TokyoMagic; "premature wrinkling of the skin, gum disease and impotence!" well, those are 3 reasons enough to never smoke!

Major; I've had never even heard of this magazine. Trolling eBay at 2am has its advantages....

Hey everyone; Was the author pleased with Disneyland or disappointed? I really couldn't tell. He didn't seem real impressed with meeting Walt...

Anonymous said...

It certainly was a very different time.

Anonymous said...