Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mickey's ToonTown - 15th Anniversary

It was 15 years ago today that our beloved Mickey's Toontown opened it's technicolor gates. According to Wikipedia, Mickey's Toontown was actually two previous projects merged together; Hollywoodland (to be located behind Main Street) and Mickey's Birthdayland (to be located at present day Toontown).

Interestingly, this Special Edition Commemoritve Passport was not valid until two days after Toontoon opened on January 24th, 1993. Did Toontown open two days early or did they just make people wait two days to used these special tickets? As you will see on my post in 2 days, January 26th 1994 was chosen as the day to open Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin.

This ticket is so huge, dare I say it's "cartoonish"! Measuring a ludicrous 14 inches by 4 inches, there is no way to scan the whole thing. Here is the main part, this is the part you get to keep after you use it.

Here is the admission stub section. Yes, this ticket was never used and it's still valid today. I like that even numbered serial number, I have no idea why.

The back is pretty simple, but I think the front makes up for it!

These tickets came in this HUGE envelope, again it won't fit in my scanner, but you get the idea.

Here is the Souvenir Guidebook Cover from January 1993.

The inside of the front Cover.

Nice Trifold map showing the latest "Land".

Mickey's Toontown gets it own section, just like a real "Realm".

To help celebrate Toontown's Anniversary I'm going to post the rest of the Guide Book. I'll use just about any excuse to post these guide books, I love them!

If you read thru these pages (like I did) you will notice the park changed a lot in the last 15 years. For the better or for the worse? I'm thinking Toontown was the begining of some "dark clouds" that were starting to form over Anaheim in the early to mid 1990's... That's probably why it's my least favorite Land.

However, after this post I feel guilty for only have been to Toontown twice. I will stop in next time to ride my favorite attraction there, the wacky Jolly Trolley, what, it's closed, that figures!


Progressland said...

What's interesting is that the overall map still shows the Bekins building looking its distinctive self, even though the lockers had been gone for three years and (I think) had already been remodeled as part of the Emporium.

Would you like Toontown better if it were indoors? (It was supposed to be indoors!)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I didn't know it was supposed to be indoors! I have to completely rethink it now. Maybe indoors makes more sense and have it outside the berm - like Pirates/Indy/HM? Was the indoor version going to be behind Main Street (behind the west side?)

Honestly, the current place looks like a movie set when you're in it and it looks like the BACK of a movie set from the rest of the park. On the up side, it’s a stroller magnet,!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Wonderful post VDT. Fantastic guide book. Toontown ticket is awesome.

Progressland said...

I'm still a little sketchy on the details, but it was my understanding that it would have been in the same place, but inside a giant building. One gag I remember hearing about was having the sun and the moon rise in the "sky" and fight with one another.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, that idea of Toontown being indoors, with a changing, animated sky - - that would have been amazing. Why do I get the feeling that Walt would have built it that way had he been involved, cost be damned?

As for the Toontown ticket, I started buying those commemorative tickets online years ago, and then decided that I didn't like them. Weird, huh? I'm sure that Disney knows that many of them are going to wind up unused in somebody's collection, which is why they are made in such an elaborate fashion. In other words, they aren't really "ephemera" as much as they are manufactured to be collectible, if you know what I mean.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Major! I feel the exact same way you do about these tickets. I don't really like them either. The fact that these are “Collectors Items" from the start sorta takes all then fun out of it! At least the artwork is nice.

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