Saturday, January 19, 2008

The "A" Ticket - Part 1 the 1950's - UPDATE # 2

Those faithful readers of my blog may recall when I started back in November I was just getting going on the "A" series when I discovered that the first ticket books at Disneyland actually were not lettered. Please see my prior post so that this post make some sense (link) .

Well, the person who bought the entire set I refer to in my November post is selling some of them on EBay right now! These are truly an original piece of Disneyland History. Once again, I am guessing this will price out way over my head, but I thought I would give my readers a chance to pick up a REALLY Vintage Disneyland Ticket or at least watch and see how much they sell for!

I don't have any idea what the reserve is or what they will actually end up selling for, if it's south of $250 I would be surprised. See EBay Auction number 220193312876

This listing is for all three type of books!!!!! Check out those LOW serial numbers. The seller and I did some math and we figure these are from the first two weeks ticket books were sold at the park, possibly Mid October 1955.

Notice they are NOT on Globe paper, maybe Walt had not decide to give them the contact yet! As clean, nice and RARE as this are, it would be incredible if they had the other tickets (what would become the "B" and "C" tickets), Or better yet, the admission ticket still attached on the front, if that was the case, these would be priceless.

I don't know the Seller other than corresponding thru EBay. I of course may try and bid on these (I am "Rushrules999" on EBay, so watch out, just kidding, I am not one of those big $$$ bidders!).


Disneyana World said...

Don't you just love posting about great eBay auctions.

I used to be an eBay fiend. Then I realized something, saving money is a good thing.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I used to keep a list of my ebay wins, one day I added up the cost, that was a mistake. Solution, don't keep a list!!! I like auctions around the $15 area :-)

Disneyana World said...

I hate to go over $20 on anything.

Lists are the only way I can keep myself in line.

The Viewliner Limited said...

But Tim, you know you got to have them. Go get 'em, DAMN THE COST LOL. Great stuff as always.

Major Pepperidge said...

Money doesn't buy happiness...unless it's COOL DISNEYLAND STUFF! What else were you going to spend the money on? Food? Rent? Gas? Come on, you don't need those things.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hey Major, oh those other things in life are nice (rent, food, gas) but Cool Disneyland Stuff comes first. Someday I may be pushing around my shopping cart thru Macarthur park, but at least it will be filled with Vintage Disneyland Stuff!!!!!

Unknown said...

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