Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unlock the Magic - May 26, 1983

Twenty-eight years ago today two lucky cast members were able to “Unlock the Magic” at the Cast Premiere of The New Fantasyland at Disneyland. May 26, 1983 was not the only dedication ceremony as seen in my June 1st post of last year (link) I still want to know if they “lowered the draw bridge” at each ceremony?

“The Dream Lives Happily Ever After at Disneyland” – this four page article/advertisement has lost its magazine or whatever it came from.

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey is the hallmark attraction in the New Fantasyland”, while this is a pretty decent attraction, I’ve never seen much of a line, it must be the least popular of the five dark rides in Fantasyland. I wonder why?

“Mickey’s Christmas Carol” a year-round Christmas shop? Did they really have this? Please don’t tell me it’s still there and I’ve never noticed it?

Order a bit of Disneyland History”. Want to see one of those Special Edition Commemorative Passports? Check out my “New Fantasyland" – Part 1 post here (link) and if you are really obsessed with “The New Fantasyland" then check out the entire five part series here (link).

I’ve posted this video at least 3 times before but I can’t scan and post about the New Fantasyland without adding this. Make sure and wait for Paul Frees’ voice at the end!


TokyoMagic! said...

The Christmas Shop really was open year round. It replaced Merlin's Magic Shop. I don't remember how long it stayed there, but it eventually moved over to where the Arribas Brother's Glass Blower shop was (now the Enchanted Chamber or something like that.)

That ticket dated May 26th is interesting. As I commented last year in your post displaying the ticket dated June 1st, I went to a press opening on Wednesday, May 25th and the drawbridge was lowered that morning during a special ceremony. That was the ceremony that was filmed and shown on the news and also a special edition of "2 On The Town" that same night. Even though it was a press opening, all of Fantasyland was open to the general public that day. I have the entertainment guide dated May 25th and it lists the special ceremony taking place in the a.m. I also have a copy of that "2 On The Town" special that was broadcast that evening live from Fantasyland. (I'll have to get you a copy of both of those.) I also went back to the park three days later, Saturday, May 28th which was supposed to be the official opening for the public, but there wasn't any kind of ceremony held that day. So just how many "opening ceremonies" did they have and yeah, did they lower the drawbridge during the ceremonies for those cast previews? Maybe Progressland/DL Nomenclature knows the answer!

Nametag Museum said...

I have the badge from the Press opening in my collection. You can see it here...

Major Pepperidge said...

I remember all of those ads for the New Fantasyland (still have a few of them). I was pretty excited that they were going to add a Pinocchio dark ride - probably my favorite Disney animated feature. And I think it's a very good ride! But you're right, Peter Pan and "Toad" will have long lines while you can walk right on Pinocchio.

Connie Moreno said...

I do remember being worried that they would ruin Fantasyland...and when I saw what they had done, I had tears in my eyes. It is truly beautiful. Question. WHERE is that stork weathervane????

Jason Schultz said...

TokyoMagic! - I consider May 25 to be the land's opening. Although a May 22 advertisement in the Los Angeles Times repeatedly says it opens May 28, a May 25 article says the New Fantasyland is opening that day. Disney A-Z says May 25. Apparently in error, Disneyland: The Nickel Tour says May 23:

"At the official Grand Opening of New Fantasyland on May 23, 1983, the children of the original kids who had crossed the drawbridge in 1955 were invited back to the Park to initiate the new rides. The drawbridge was raised and lowered once more for a spectacular dedication celebration featuring fireworks, parades, and a giant Maleficent who rose sixty feet in the air above the Castle moat.

"During the week following the grand opening, the show was performed again and again. The bridge was raised and lowered each night, just for employees and their families, so they could all have a chance to enjoy the dedication of the New Fantasyland."

Connie - It's still there, between Pinocchio's Daring Journey and the Disney Tangled Meet & Greet.

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