Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Knott’s Berry Farm Motel Flyer

Continuing with yesterday’s vintage Knott’s post today we’ve got a great Knott’s Berry Farm Motel Flyer. Undated of course, but I’d guess it to be somewhere around 1955. This flyer is courtesy of the Golden West Motel which has apparently moved to the Twilight Zone since there is no longer a “Los Angeles Street” in Anaheim, California.

Writing this post before dinner is a serious mistake, some of Mrs. Knott’s Southern Fried Chicken sounds so delicious it’s tempting to drive on down there and get some! I’ll take a few scoops of Boysenberry Sherbet too!

Even though this map is almost unrecognizable when compared to the today’s twisted mass of concrete (link) I could actually use it to get to the farm, from the upper left: Ventura Blvd. east to the Hollywood Freeway (101) to the Santa Ana Freeway (101, now the "5"), exit Highway 39, turn right, two miles and your there, I can smell the Eucalyptus trees now...


keeline said...

You made me curious about "Los Angeles Street". I found this 1930 map:

This photo shows a flood on Los Angeles Street and annotates it to indicate that it is now called Anaheim Blvd.


Major Pepperidge said...

I did not know that if you looked at Knott's from a satellite, it would resemble a pencil seen in cross section.