Monday, May 2, 2011

The Argonaut (Disneyland News) - July 26, 1957

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today we’ve got one of those disembodied articles that has no magazine attached, but it’s a super article and well worth the read. From July 26, 1957 it’s The Argonaut (Magazine or nice newspaper?). This fantastic four page article appears as an “officialDisneyland News publication. The article starts off with a simple yet intriguing question: Is Disneyland Art?

A lot of great pictures and a brief tale of how the author traveled by bus (actually a “sleek gleaming Scenicruser”) from San Francisco to Anaheim.

Now the article starts to gets pretty deep. “Compare the superb artistry manifested in each detail of each Disneyland production with anything of its kind ever presented anywhere else before. Without the artist it would all have been impossible. This is art at work.” I love this quote: “Standing in line? Is it Walt’s fault if people like his attractions?"

Disneyland is a great dream of a great man, an incredible vision come true, made real for all of the people” kinda chokes you up doesn’t it? Even back in 1957 it was obvious Disneyland was something different and special.

These two back pages reveal this what an “upscale” publication. Music, maybe some Elvis or Chuck Berry? Or maybe not…

Debutantes and Cotillions, that sounds expensive.

Since we don’t have the rest of the magazine for the vintage advertisements how about a repost of the ads from a January 1957 edition of the Saturday Evening Post? The original “Post” post can be found here (link).


How about three beauties by GM? I had a 1956 Buick (in Blue) and I must admit, this 1957 is even better looking, they really did make it longer and lower.

Pontiac’s Got a Hit! Can’t you just picture the Ricardo’s in the front seat and the Mertz’s in the back seat all singing “California Here I Come”.

Wow that Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe is beautiful, but I bet she’s a handful in the snow.

GM had a “Euclid Division” that was news to me, some GM fan I am! Looks like GM gave it up in 1968 after a long anti-trust suit from the Department of Justice (link).

Dedicated to Viewliner Ltd. Wouldn’t you love to get a brand new one of these with that ribbon it?

Weird picture, scary looking car, that front end looks like it eats small children.

32.09 miles per gallon, what? Go Rambler! “See Disneyland – great TV for all the family over ABC Network

How unbelievably cool is this dessert? Check out the directions; you (the housewife) waits until that brief window in time when the Jell-o is “almost firm” to insert the animal crackers. Talk about dedication.

This is one of the neatest little machines. My grandpa used to use one of these at his work and it always fascinated me. Can you image, a machine that records a record (with groves) on a plastic belt? These were later updated with “magnetic tape belts” that could be recorded over & over.

The 1950’s had some seriously greasy fries and fatty steaks!

Smoking is deadly and stupid, please don’t do it. But in 1957, you had at least 12 great reasons to smoke, one for each month. In case you're curious, “L.S./M.F.T.” stands for; “Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco”.


Major Pepperidge said...

As a kid I wanted one of those dictaphone machines (kinda still do, actually); I think I saw similar ads in National Geographic. The transparent red "records" are fascinating. I wonder if any still exist?

Check out the Rambler, it looks like a toy. I'd love to have one of those too!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing and reading these and I have to say that I do think of Disneyland as a work of art.

keeline said...

I have several examples of "Disneyland News" in magazine size with pages about 8.5x11" Some are printed on newsprint while others are on glossy magazine paper. They almost always coincide with a group of one kind visiting Disneyland during a time when the park was closed to the public.

For example, a group called The Rainbow Girls visited Disneyland on 25 Mar 1964 and a newsprint issue was created for them.

On 23 May 1964 the Girl Scouts of Southern California visited with another newsprint issue.

On 26 Mar 1966 the Boy Scouts visited the park and got this glossy paper issue.

The Southern California Girl Scouts were back on 25 Feb 1967 and this time got a glossy paper issue.

The YMCA visited on 2 Mar 1968 and this glossy paper issue was created for them.

The Camp Fire Girls visited on 23 Mar 1968 and got this glossy paper issue.

I'm sure there are more of these out there but they represent the ones I've found over the years. They are all 4 pages on a single folio sheet. I think they were dated in advance and sent out to promote attendance in this group's day at the park.

Probably the issue considered here could have been printed separately but this group opted to include it in the printing of their regular publication sent to their members. It's a bit earlier than the others I have like this so that could account for the difference as well.


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