Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunset Magazine - August 1957

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today’s we’ve got yet another article that’s lost the rest of its magazine. From Sunset Magazine August 1957, this two page article is full of great information and some nice photos too.

Disneyland is two years old and continues to delight… What’s more, it doesn’t lose its luster in a day’s visit, nor in two or three. Possibly it never will for a good many visitors”. Even back in 1957 it must been clear that Disneyland was something unique. A “Concord Coach”?

Interesting note about how Disneyland “may resume 6 day week after September 14”. New Attractions, that rare “Santa Fe & Disneyland Streamliner, which goes from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland”. And of course the article ends with a push for Ticket Books, boasting a “26 to 42 per cent” savings!

We only get two vintage advertisements (from the back of the two pages above) and there both from oil companies. Multi Viscosity oil must have been a new thing in 1957, did you know its “The oil that thinks for itself”. See your Texaco Dealer in all 48 states.

Forget Texaco, obviously the New Royal 76 fuel over at Union 76 is better since they even have a pump at the ocean and that pretty lady too!


Katella Gate said...

Nothing goes together like pretty ladies and gas pumps...

Union 76 - Making petroleum derivatives sexy.

Major Pepperidge said...

A Concord Coach is a type of stagecoach - a very popular type! Especially if you want to go at a buckety clip.