Thursday, May 5, 2011

Christmas at Disneyland - December 1961

Let’s celebrate Christmas in May! From December 1961 the first two slides show a very convincing Santa. I like the focus on these and the great people to "watch".

Is the guy on the left wearing a purse?

A decent winter time picture of Skull Rock

You mean to tell me the cabin was once on fire???

The boys look thrilled! Hey there's that tiki god thing behind mom!


Anonymous said...

It's called a man-bag, thank you very much!

Connie Moreno said...

These are great!!! In the first photo, way in the back...are those the Toy Soldiers???

TokyoMagic! said...

Connie, I spotted those too! Babes in Toyland was released in December of 1961, so those Toy Soldiers must have been brand spanking new to the park.

The guy's wife probably said "here honey, hold my purse" and then she stepped back to take a picture of him, knowing darn well that it would probably end up on the internet 50 years later and he would be humiliated.

Kevin Kidney said...

I have SUCH a horrible case of envy right now for that kid in the pink alpine hat with the tall pink plume. Oh mama, I want that so bad. His sister and dorky little brother made fine cap choices as well, but that pink hat takes the biscuit. I won't sleep tonight.

Daveland said...

Skull Rock sure looks purty!