Sunday, March 2, 2008

The New Fantasyland - Part 5 & Complete Guide & 1957 Bonus

That's right, the "New Fantasyland - Part 5" the fun never stops! My informal survey has confirmed that many agree this is the best make-over of any land at Disneyland, although I am guessing the "New Tomorrowland 67" is a very close second. If you missed any of the other four parts to this series, here they are:

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The New Fantasyland - Part 3 & The Complete Guide
The New Fantasyland - Part 4

First lets take a look at a voided sample from the master ticket binder. Unfortunately, the "new" has a whole punched thru, but I assure you it did not say "old". Cute how everyone is dancing, they are having a "Fun Time". Hey, why is Jiminy so small? Life size I guess....

This innocent looking notice was slipped into the price guide & parking lot map. Sweet little Tinkerbell reminding you of Walt's "As long as there is imagination left...." quote. She's sprinkling pixie dust around hoping you won't notice "All of Fantasyland is Closed" Ouch Tink, are you gonna explain that to little Timmy and Suzie?

The Price Guide and Parking Lot Map. The America Sings gang on the front, I love it. Oh yes, the beige paper with brown print, that's so 1982... What, no credit cards accepted for ticket purchase? Try that today Iger!

OK, sue me, I miss the parking lot. You've heard all the reasons, the walk to the main gate, the anticipation, etc. It's all true, I know first hand. Actually, in a way it's still there. Last October I was at California Adventure for the first time. I got a danish & a coffee somewhere there in the concrete middle of DCA and as I sat down, a slight breeze came upon me and I swear it felt just like the old parking lot!

Here's a special treat, a donation once again from Christopher (a CM who worked at the New Fantastyland Dedication) he has scanned the complete Disneyland Guide book for 1983. This is the one while the New Fantasyland was under construction, one I am missing from my collection, so this was sure nice of Christoper to send this to me. Thanks Christoper! You can download the full PDF file here:

Disneyland Guide Book Early 1983 (7.8mb)

******* Sunday Bonus *******

From the "Bonus Ticket Friday" post, here is the Complete "Disneyland Holiday" magazine. This is actually the very first one, it is Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1957.

It's got some great stuff in it, don't miss all the restaurant adds and some neat articles too. These are a fun Sunday read. It's only 20 pages counting the cover. So if you have not read this before, please do, its fun. Or even if you have read it, read it again, I just did for the 137th time and I still enjoyed it. The complete magazine can be download here:

Disneyland Holiday - Spring 1957 (38 mb)

Tomorrow lets start the Knott's lettered ticket series, see you there.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Fantastic post Tim. Really appreciate the hard work. P.S. The Main St Station photo is coming along very nicely. Taking longer than expected. But I assure you when you see the final will be blown away. This is truly a complete make-over.

Major Pepperidge said...

I hope you post Viewliner's restoration effort! I sent you my "quick and dirty" version, but it sounds like Viewliner is going nuts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the amazing pics and posts. I too miss the parking lot, the old entrance off Harbor, and actually seeing the Disneyland sign as one drove in to park. Thank you very much for the complete Disneyland Holiday magazine - I don't think I have ever see this! Amazing!

Disneyana World said...

Check out my blog for a post about New Fantasyland.