Friday, February 22, 2008

The New Fantasyland - Part 4

A big thank you goes out to Christopher who donated today’s images. Christopher worked at Disneyland during the 1983's “New Fantasyland” opening.

First up is this neat key. I’ve saw one of these on EBay years ago and I thought it was plastic so I passed on it, mistake!! They are not plastic and they are kind of rare. Walt was a “Wizard”? Here is what Christopher has to say about it.

This key was created based on the graphics of the event. The text/graphics on the mounting board were exact duplications of the event tickets (All tickets & announcements for the events -Cast Previews, Press Events, Open Ceremonies, etc- used the same proclamation graphics that included the key graphic) and I suspect this was supposed to be some sort of special give-away, but rather it ended up being available to cast members who participated in the ceremony.”

Next we have a Family pass. “1983 New Fantasyland Family Pass: An extra Cast Member Passport handed out that year (basically an extra cast member ticket issued to Disneyland cast members and not WDW cast members)” I wonder how large of a family you could bring?

And what post would be complete with out some guide book scans! These are also from Christopher, this was the guide given our during the New Fantasyland’s construction. I wonder how many thousands of kids were disappointed when most of the land was closed.

This weekend: Tomorrow we’re heading to the Mountain, Magic Mountain! Sunday; full guide post plus a bonus!


Major Pepperidge said...

Hmmm, I think I might have a New Fantasyland key. Or maybe it's some other souvenir key. I wonder where the heck I would have put it!

Bearride - Raymond said...

WOW! Great pics! Do you have the souviner guidebook that was done during the construction? I remember seeing it but didn't buy it(I was 12). It featured the artist renderings of the New Fantasyland inplace of the old pics.