Friday, February 1, 2008

Main Gate Complimentary Tickets

Happy Friday! Well I spent a couple of hours last night hooking up and playing with my new scanner. It is of course totally different that my other one, so I am learning again. Therefore, Today's post is simple but sweet.

Three Main Gate Admission tickets for your viewing pleasure. These are all "Complimentary" and two of them are "Special".... (I think they are all special)

First up is an oldie, exact date unknown, early 60's would be my guess... Too bad someone folded it!

Next up, same design but now it's "Special", date unknown, my guess - 1970. The train station image is similar to what was found on the admission tickets from the booklets at this time.

And last up, from June 14 1973 (the date is stamped on the back) New style, I like it, but I like the older ones better....

And of course, the back side of the tickets!!!! Kind of neat how the message remained identical over the years.... HEY, these are still valid today! No expiration date that I can see!

Tomorrow I will be putting my new scanner to the test. I have MINT Spring 1976 Guide book I will scan in its entirety and post for your weekend reading!


Jason Schultz said...

Looking forward to the guidebook (of course)!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Wow Great tickets. Also looking forward the 1976 Guide post. Thanks VDT.

Anonymous said...

I have one of the 1973 tickets that was given to us for singing in the Candlelight Procession for Christmas 1972.

And I have a couple of the older ones with a different message on the back--something about "courtesy of the Upjohn Corporation." (I'm at work now and can't remember the exact wording).

Matterhorn1959 said...

Most of these complimentary tickets were given to Disneyland cast members. In many cases they never used them and saved them.

Anonymous said...

I have three of the $2.00 tickets in mint condition. They were given to a friend of my Mother's during some kind of business promotion. I don't know what year though. I'm trying to find out what they are worth or if there are collectors out there looking for these.

Anonymous said...

Hello I believe I have a complete set of tickets from 1977 not sure what I'm getting into but they are really neat..I have:
2- Special Comp Main Gate Tickets
2- A-E Ticket Books-they contain
5 tickets per book
1- Car Pass
Also I have the Ticket Sleeve and fore note stating "Disneyland is pleased to present you with..."

I acquired these tickets from my uncle. He wanted me to use them and go now with my wife and baby girl. I know better than that these things are really neat to have and hold! I am hoping that you might know more than I about them and maybe you could lend me some advice on where and whom to sell or what nots..basically i need to know what I have in my hands! Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

I have a group of vintage 1981 Disneyland Main Gate Admission Tickets/Admit One Adult $8.00 - Complimentary. The backside of tickets read :This admission good at any time SUNDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. We used some recently and they honored them after a 10 minute conversation between park supervisors.

Unknown said...

I would like to know how much my "SPECIAL COMPLIMENTARY MAIN GATE ADMISSION" DISNEYLAND Adult $7.00 is worth?? Could anyone tell me??
It has Mickey Mouse's picture on it. I used one about fifteen years ago and as I was going into the park the ticket taker man said it was valued the same as the admission at the time. I think it was about $75.00. How would I find out now what it is worth??
email me at "
Thank you,