Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Santa Fe & Disneyland R.R. Tickets - Part 2

Taking a look back to my "D" Ticket post (link), here is a 1956 "D" Ticket showing the two trains and there two related stations. Main Street's "SF&D Passenger Train" and Frontierland's "SF&D Freight Train" (scan courtesy of www.

This "D" Ticket is from Late 1957 and shows three stations now, but the trains are all called "SF & D Railroad Trains". No more Freight Trains and no more "round trip only". Now you can exit or enter at any station, that makes a lot more sense.

The next three images were most graciously donated by Major over at "Gorilla's Don't Blog" THESE ARE INCREDIBLE - THANK YOU MAJOR!

I believe these are from 1957. These are the Individual tickets you would purchase at the Train Stations. Could you use these until the stubs where gone? Thereby letting you board at all three stations. Does that seem right? It's the same price as one "D" ticket. On Monday's post, that long ticket was only good once. But these do say "Good for one Stop Over at".

What is this one all about? Fantastyland to Main Street 25 cents? This has to be VERY rare, I didn't even know such a thing existed. How did they enforce this? Did they used to check everyone's ticket on board? Did everyone exit at the Main Street Station? Thanks again for the scan Major, these are great!

Back to my "Conductor's checkless" collection, here is a Child's Train ticket.

When the conductor took his "check" he would stamp the back like this.

This Late 1958 "D" Ticket now has the new Tomorrowland Station. (scan courtesy of www.

By late 1958 they stopped the large stylized individual tickets shown above. The little tickets seem to have taken there place. Shown below are samples of the "stub" style tickets. These are individualize for each of the four stations, and allowing you one stop-over at any other station. What do they mean by "stop over"? These are also the same price as the "D" ticket and that's only good once, so where these only good once also? This hurts my brain!

This just in. Sent to me by a reader (actually the seller of the Green Press Ticket, it sold for $1000 by the way, congratulations to the seller!) This is the same 1955 Yellow ticket I posted Monday, except this one has the Conductors Check! Thanks for donating this scan.

Tomorrow we head east to Knott Avenue, but it wont be to the Berry Farm, we're heading to the Village (and Park).


The Viewliner Limited said...

These are "INCREDIBLE", thanks VDT.

Thufer said...

i want to thank you for sharing your collection. those train tickets are just wonderful works of art.

Daveland said...

Great to see your blog doing so well; fantastic stuff here - especially the DLRR Tix!