Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm - The "B" Ticket part 1

Before we get started, in case you missed the Knott’s “A” Series, you can find all three parts here: Knott’s “A” Tickets

Remember that Knott's Lettered Tickets are valued in the reverse order from Disneyland's. Knott's "A" ticket is the top of the line, whereas Disneyland's "A" ticket is the lowest value.

Also keep in mind that from the late 1960’s thru 1974, Knott’s only had the “A” and the “B” ticket. As you’ll see, they were starting to get full. Today’s post will cover thru 1974.

Here’s our classic 1960’s family again, Dad with his pipe forever parked in his mouth (while smiling of course!). This book is not dated, but I would place it around 1968, no log ride yet.

Of course these first tickets sold in books were not lettered at all. But I still call these “B” tickets as these are obviously for the lesser group of attractions. These all look fun to me, Mott’s Miniatures was pure magic to me as a five year old.

The cable car got its own ticket in the book, not for long. Here are some older individual tickets from a prior post (link).

From June 1970, It’s a “Knott’s Silver Dollar” Fun Adventures Ticket. A completely rearranged ticket now designated “B”. This ticket now covers the cable car too!

Missing is the “Miniature Train Ride” interesting since it still appears on the map. The "Merry-Go-Round Auto Ride" is now gone, was this the “Children’s Model T Ride” shown in the first map below? Howdy Cowboy! See ya! Your stay on the “B” ticket is very short.

It’s May 1971 and Whittles has booted the Cowboy right off the “B” Ticket! The Cowboy seemed nicer… A new attraction, the “Happy Sombrero” one of the flat rides that spins and makes you throw up! Also, this is a “Child” ticket, hence its different color.

Gypsy Camp has joined Knott’s on this June 1973 “B” Ticket with the “Gypsy Shoot” I see it on the map but can’t tell what it is, a shooting gallery I would guess? Also new is the “Fiesta Wheel” more spinning rides! By the way, this ticket is NOT good for the Rowboats over in Knott’s Lagoon.

Hey, what’s this coupon doing in my 1973 Knott’s ticket book? Oh, it’s for Knott’s jams and jellies, great I’ll use it at the park today. WHAT, “Not redeemable at Knott’s Berry Farm”! I demand my 7 cents off!

Here’s the back, in all its pre-barcode goodness….

Last ticket today from September 1974, Whittles last appearance on any Knott’s ticket. The “Animal Farm” is now on the “B” ticket, the first downgrade victim, having been on the “A” ticket since 1970.

And for some color, here is a Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant Menu. This is not dated, but the price corresponds to the first map in the prior post so I would place it around 1970.

Wow, that was some cool stuff, I love Knott's tickets! Can you tell?

Be sure to check out the maps below. I have lots more maps to post in the future.


Major Pepperidge said...

I think it's interesting that Knott's letter system is the opposite of Disneyland's. In a way, you'd think that Disneyland's "A" tickets would be for the best attractions, and "E" for the less great ones. Kind of like grades in school!

Move Along said...

Wow, 7 cents off! I can't use it at Knotts? I have to drive to my local store? That would cost me 7 cents right there. Sheesh. What a deal!

SundayNight said...

Right Major. Guess it didn't limit them getting better rides but what if they built something better than POTC? An "F" ticket sounds wrong.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

If is interesting how the two are opposite, and yes Major, Disneyland does seem backwards!

"F" ticket sounds very wrong, on many levels.....

It costs me 7 cents to start my car!!!

50something said...

I own the following ticketbooks. Can you suggest how I can sell them?


6/65 Junior, 1A, 1B, 2C, 3D, 2E

6/63 Junior1A, 1B, 1D

10/61 Child 1B, 1D

1/60 Child, 1A, 1B, 1D, 3E

Jumbo book, Adult $4.003A (10 cents@), 1 C

Knott's Bonanza Fun Book, Adult, $3.75, 2A, 2B

Knott's Bonanza Fun Book, Adult, $3.75, 4A, 2B

Knott's Bonanza Fun Book, Main Gate Admission, Child, $1.00, loose

Knott's Silver Dollar Fund Adventures, Adult, Your Choice of One in Fiesta Village or In Calico Square, or On Museum Lane, loose