Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unlock the Magic - June 1, 1983

It's June 1, 1983 and you're invited to the Dedication Ceremony of the New Fantasyland! This "Cast Premiere" ticket implies it's for the official grand re-opening, but in reality this is at least the 2nd dedication ceremony since I have an identical ticket for May 26, 1983. I guess it's not practical to have all the cast members go on one night, who'd be working? Did they lower the draw-bridge for each ceremony?

The Spring 1983 Vacationland has a fun cover.

Since the new Fantasyland was not finished when this was published we get some awesome concept art!

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Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder what was up with the two different dates? Can they really have had TWO dedication ceremonies? Maybe Jason knows!

Anonymous said...

There were three different dedication ceremonies for the new Fantasyland. Only one had the lowering of the draw-bridge held for the press and pictured on cover of Disney News Fall 1983 issue.
The two Cast Premieres were held after park closing for park, studio, wed and mapo cast members.

TokyoMagic! said...

VDT, Wednesday, May 25th was the first day that the "New Fantasyland" was open to the public. That is also the day they had the drawbridge lowering ceremony. I have my ticket from that day. It was supposed to be a Press preview, but they allowed the public to "mix in" with the Press and go on the attractions. CBS's "Two on the Town" with Melody Rodgers and Chuck Henry were also there doing a live show from Fantasyland that evening. The official opening date that was announced to the pulic was Saturday, May 28th (three days later), but there wasn't any kind of ceremony on that day. I need to do a vintage trip report on those visits.....I went both days and took pics!