Friday, June 11, 2010

Grad Nite - 1973

It’s time for Grad Nite ’73 at Disneyland! This June 12, 1973 ticket is printed on silvery paper with a neat two-tone green overlay, it feels substantial and worth every penny of the $9.00 price. The “Grad Nite ’73 Admit One” type style epitomizes the early 1970’s.

Well darn, I can’t go since my turtleneck with sandals outfit won’t get me thru the main gate. It’s interesting to note that “Safe Drugs” are apparently allowed in Disneyland? And please, hold your own ticket!

I don’t have the 1973 Grad Nite program (let me know if you’ve got one!) so here’s the cover to the Spring 1973 Disneyland Guidebook. It looks like someone was doing a little “ticket accounting” at the top.

The finality of crossing out an attraction – “done”, what’s next!

This Spring guide was effective April 11 1973 to June 15, 1973. You can view the entire Summer 1973 Disneyland Guide on a previous post here (link).

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire Spring 1973 Guide.


Matt said...

the last photo shows the image that was used for a promotional postcard I posted here for something called 'Alice in Wonderland Days' back in 1971.

Major Pepperidge said...

No turtlenecks?? I always wear a turtleneck with a sports coat, and of course I smoke a pipe to look distinguished. It's classy!

JennyJ said...

I'm still reading....Think I'm in summer 2009, so not too much more to go. However, I am noticing that you do not have Grad Night 1990. That was my you want me to scan some stuff?
I am still enjoying the good read, its like a history book. THANKS

Mark said...

Love these old guidebooks, Tim.