Monday, June 21, 2010

Flying Models - September 1956

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Flying Models Magazine from September 1956 featured a very young Tomorrowland’s flight circle.

Here is the entire Disneyland article, that’s right, there isn’t one! Just a little blurb near the bottom crediting Disneyland Inc., for the cover photo.

Cox would not become the sponsor for a few more years, but their Thimble-Drome engines were already a hit!

How come my Monogram models never looked like these?

24 hours in the air – wow!

I want one of those adorable little Sea Fury Outboard motors, how darn cute is that?

Glow Plugs and cans of “Glow fuel”, what a neato hobby!!!


Major Pepperidge said...

That cover photo is great, they must have been allowed to stand on top of one of the other buildings! I guarantee I would have wanted a miniature gas powered plane, and wouldn't have even bothered to ask because I knew I wouldn't get one!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

This is a WOW !!! Tim. Not so much for the Disneyland cover or the Thimble Drome stuff, but for the Monogram Models ad.

Boy does this bring back some cool memories. I built that same Douglas B-66 Air Force Bomber. Man, those were the days. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Wow mondo memories here.

I barely remember the Flight Circle, but I got a little Cox plane when very young. It was hard to start and harder to keep running, but a lot of fun to fly, when it did so.

Thanks for this.


CoxPilot said...

These were the days of the FAST CLUB, the first to put on demos at Disneyland. That's probably the earliest photo I've seen. Later; the FAST CLUB gave way to the Wen-Mac company. That only lasted a very short time until L. M. Cox Mfg Co got the contract in early 1959. Mainly because Walt saw the demos and notice that the cox engines were the only ones that started on a regular basis.