Friday, June 25, 2010

Grad Nite - 1990

Grad Nite 1990 is brought to you today by blog reader "The Julanders" - thank you for the awesome scans! The contributor commented that their 1990 Grad Nite materials weren't as "colorful or catchy" as some of the other 1990's grad Nites. Maybe not a colorful, but they're pretty catchy. $25 buys you the magic. To keep the "atmosphere magical" you wont be wearing your "midriff outfits" or "thonged sandals" to this event.

It does lack color... Looking at the events of 1990, we were dealing the recent after effects of a massive oil spill and a war in the Gulf was just around the corner, sounds kind of familiar.

Jody Watley is the only name I recognize - can you believe this was 20 years ago!

Is your school on this long list?

A 1990 Dream Machine ticket, "Sorry no win" I'm shocked!

Look where The Julanders stayed! Far out!

And lastly this photo cover is not from The Julanders, this is from my collection but not my grad nite. Out of respect for that awkward period we all went through as adolescents I wont post the inside photo.

Thanks again to The Julanders for these great scans!


TokyoMagic! said...

Jody Watley was looking for a new love, baby!

So you really AREN'T going to post that Grad Nite pic???

JennyJ said...

ah shucks. THANKS for posting. I'm glad I didn't send in my grad night pic! :)
So you only knew, I actually knew them all at the time (at least I thought I did.) But we didn't wait around for the music, we packed the night with as many rides as possible, only catching a song or two.

JanuskieZ said...

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Major Pepperidge said...

Those graphics remind me of some movie posters from the 80's. Those designers were behind the times! That "Grad Nite" lettering looks so familiar!

gabriel said...

who where the girls that sang in tomorrow land that sang heartbeat

JBR_GrlSabrina said...

I remember Steve b because every woman in the place was quiet as a mouse When he sang because I love you. Even the hard core new wavers and metal heads were singing as well as falling in love with his song