Monday, June 7, 2010

Teen Magazine - June 1961

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today we’ve got ‘Teen Magazine from June 1961. Be sure and check out both previous ‘Teen Magazine posts here; February 1961 (link) and September 1962 (link).

Teenage Woman” Tuesday Weld graces this issues cover.

The Disneyland article of course is not about Disneyland, it’s about new clothes! Are those ticket books the young ladies are holding?

These would be the exact type of books the princess’s are holding.

These 5 Adventure books were similar to the books you could purchase once inside the park, they have no admission ticket attached. This book however is a “Courtesy Guest” book and was not for sale.

Five tickets like this are inside, good for ANY ride or attraction. Choose wisely.

Back to the article, I wonder if the young ladies got to keep the tickets?

“Too much sugar in a tea cup”? Lollie-pop colored blouses and Soda-pop shades of lipstick.

Those candy apples are going to get messy! The Dumbo’s look like they have the flapping ears, I bet they weren’t working by 1961.

Crisp looking classic shirts for “me hearties”.

For all of you Tuesday Weld fans out there, here’s the truth about Tu Tu.

The truth is she likes to date famous older men!

And she drives a dark green 1961 Lincoln Continental – nice car!

Cinemascoop” features Troy Donahue & Connie Stevens in "Parrish", hey there’s Hayley Mills from Walt Disney’s “Parent Trap”. Check out those Tiki’s! Interestingly, that address in Pasadena is single family home (Google map) and it looks pretty old, was some guy selling these out of his house in 1961? I wonder if he has any left, I want Tiki good #3.

Let’s take a peek at Annette’s private life shall we? I see she’s working on Walt Disney’s Technicolor music “Babes in Toyland”. Walt’s company was everywhere even back in 1961!

This advertisement got my interest, Free Roller Skating! Two free tickets to anyone who presents the coupon below to a RSROA roller rink! Let me know when they call for Men’s Speed Skating, I’m all over it!

What is this “secret” they are talking about? Never mind, I don’t wanna know!

Is “Dental Cream” the same thing as “Tooth Paste”?

This Kartoon Kutie has a familiar last name.

My favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoon Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddie are highly underrated even to his day.

And lastly, some Dingbat Doodles. These are like the Playboy cartoons without the nasty part.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Wait, wait... you like Augie Doggie more than Quick Draw McGraw (aka "El Kabong) and Baba Looey?? Say it ain't so! ;-)

Great magazine, even if it IS about teenagers!