Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disneyland 1968 - Tickets and Snap Shots

Traveling back 40 years we find ourselves in Disneyland of 1968. No more Walt Disney signature on the welcome note, I think they should have left it on there.

This is an October 1968 Ticket book and it’s for “Magic Kingdom Club” members. In the off season these special ticket books were not only discounted (as was standard for “Club” members) but they were full of “Magic Key Coupons” all good on any attraction!

What an amazing attraction line up. Where to use the 10 tickets? I would use at least 4 tickets for the PeopleMover, my ride on the Florida version has me desperately wanting a PeopleMover back in Anaheim.

The “Magic Key Coupon” good on any attraction, they look magical don’t they?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the “back side” of a Magic Key Coupon.

Also included in this ticket book were two bonus tickets. Mr. Lincoln and Adventure Thru Inner Space, that technically makes this a 12 adventure ticket book!

And now for a few snap shots from May 1968. These appear to be “instamatic” type prints on 3” square paper. They aren’t very clear, but still fun.

The Mad-Hatter with some sort of musical group behind him. Oh, I see some neat classic Disneyland balloons back on the right!

That’s got to be Happy! Hey, Story Book Land is closed today???? Check out the elderly couple holding hands, how cute. What's with the poor patch work on the slurry?

Some of the other dwarfs and the “back side” of Snow White. Looks like there’s a construction wall for part of Story Book Land, oh, and a Stroller for Daveland.

A blurry Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Mr. Smead and the Mad-Hatter again, he looks bored!


Major Pepperidge said...

How did I miss this post yesterday?? Anyway, love the snapshots, since they look like the (all too few) photos that I have from my early trips to the park.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

"Those pics look very retro" Mr. G. Viagra.

Is a spammer actually reading these posts? Far out!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely perfect! My family lived two blocks away yet only went once-in June ‘68 to see what it cost our parents for the kids but how much was an adult ticket?-back then probably just a dollar more..thanks again!