Friday, August 22, 2008

1983 Admission Pass

Today let’s take a look at a 1983 Admission Pass.

This pass was a nice “privilege” for someone special and it’s signed (printed) by some special people, Card Walker and Ron Miller. Interesting mixing of the logos.

Good for four visits with up to four people, that's a value of….? Well, math isn’t my strong point. However, it appears unused, so I guess it had no value to Mr Mc Cartney.

You could also use this pass at the Magic Kingdom in Florida or EPCOT! “This pass is NONTRANSFERABLE”!

While not related in anyway to the above Pass, but because this post needs some color, here is the cover to the Fall/Winter 1974-75 Disneyland Guide. This little guide has eluded my collection for some time and I just recently acquired it. It’s in great shape too; check back on Bonus Sunday for the entire guide.

See you tomorrow on “Souvenir Saturday”.


Major Pepperidge said...

I'm curious, any idea how many variations of the INA guides exist? The only ones I have are examples that I saved from my own trips.

Anonymous said...

Is this an employee silver Main Gate Pass? Looks like it, but I seem to remember the employee passes always had July 4th and New Year's Eve blocked out.

Of course, the Main Gate pass I have today seems to have more black out dates than usable dates anymore.