Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Coming this Fall?

Let’s pretend it's the summer of 1979. Guess what’s coming to Disneyland this Fall? Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. “A strange force has unleashed the run-away mine trains of Big Thunder Mountain, but everyday Big Thunder strikes – It could only happen at Disneyland” (YouTube Link to a great commercial).

This poster was an advertisement for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and for Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom Club members to buy tickets.

This 1979 Passport to Disneyland is a few months earlier than the above ad, but this little ticket was actually mine in 1979, I remember the day very well, I used that pass to ride Adventure Thru Inner Space at least five times and a few America Sings shows too.

The Magic Kingdom Club “Magic Key Ticket Book”. This admission ticket is actually from a 1977 ticket book, the rest of the post if from a September 1979 ticket book.

Behind the admission ticket is the welcome message and the first of 11 “Magic Key Tickets

The remaining five pages look like this.

The back side of “Magic Key Tickets”.

Classic September 1979 Attraction Lineup with the brand new “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”.

One heck of a deal for $7.50, so great that Dumbo looks happy as can be.