Friday, August 15, 2008

Tokyo Disneyland Ticket Book Replica

Taking a trip far away from Anaheim and Orlando, let’s go to Tokyo Disneyland!

Today’s post features a replica ticket book of Tokyo Disneyland. I believe these are still being sold at the Tokyo Disneyland. I think it's a replica of the original 1983 book. You can see my previous post of a REAL 1990’s Tokyo Disneyland Ticket book here (link).

This book is fun and it’s FULL of tickets, I mean FULL. It’s got 50 Tickets. Ten tickets of each letter. It’s a quarter of an inch thick! Boy would that be an incredible book if it was real and they still used tickets! Do they even have 50 attractions?

Traditional Mickey Mouse on the back. I see a modern day “Disney” font at the bottom!

Meet the World ticket. It sounds like a fun attraction, I wonder if it’s still there.

All the tickets, they are on a fun style of paper and look pretty convincing.

The backs of the tickets are for notes. If I ever mail you anything, expect to get one of these!

Let’s compare a real “D” ticket to the Replica "D" ticket. The paper is different, but my “real” ticket is a newer style so they may have updated it. HEY, the Mickey Mouse Revue, reason enough to visit this park.

I’m back for my final few days at the lake, so “Bonus Sunday” will occur tomorrow and will have to last all weekend.


ericpaddon said...

I visited Tokyo Disneyland in 1990 and it was really surreal to go on their Haunted Mansion and see their Country Jamboree where the narration was Japanese and the songs were still the familiar English!

"Meet The World" is no longer there. It was the last Carousel theater style show ever designed for a Disney park, and was supposed to be put in the Japan section of EPCOT as well, but there were concerns that the program about Japan's history might have generated protest from American WWII veterans for being more than a tad sanitized when it came to Japan's militarism. I remember seeing it and using a set of headphones to hear an English translation, which I was also able to do for their Circlevision theater which was showing "American Journeys" at the time.

The biggest and most pleasant surprise of my Tokyo experience in 1990 was stumbling across the "Mickey Mouse Revue" which I had not seen since 1978 at WDW and was the very same program it had always been except for being in Japanese (on this one, unlike CBJ, Haunted Mansion etc. even the songs were in Japanese).

Here's the link to my 1990 Guidebook that I got there with all the places I visited circled (I only had six hours to see as much as I could).

Nametag Museum said...

Have you ever seen the ticket books that were available at Imagineeringland, the 1997 WDI open house?

I recently got the nametag that was issued for this event, and discovered these pictures while researching Imagineeringland. Thought you might like to see them.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wait, have you been to Tokyo Disneyland?? If so, have you written about it? I would love to go there, almost more than the Florida parks. I am especially curious about Tokyo Disney Sea!

This replica ticket book is kind of an odd item, I wish they made note pads of classic Disneyland tickets!

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Anonymous said...

It is so interesting to see the vintage tickets from Tokyo. I would love to go there but unfortunately the US Dollar is so low at this time that I think I will have to wait it out. Until then, I will stay in an Orlando Hotel and visit Disney World. It is always a blast!

Unknown said...

I relocated to Tokyo in 1979. My Father was the overall director of design on Tokyo Disneyland. We lived there from 1979 to 1984. The park opened in 1982. I have two vintage ticket books for the Preview Day before the park opened to the public. So cool.