Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tandy Leather Museum at Disneyland - 1960

Today’s post falls squarely in the category of obscure. From November/December 1960 it’s the Leather Craftsman magazine. Hey now, keep the excitement level down out there…

The Magazine is pretty serious about all kinds of crafts you can do with Leather. There is also a interesting“Occupational Therapy” angle to the whole issue.

Did you know Disneyland had a “Tandy Leather Museum” in Frontierland? I may have read about this somewhere else, but I don’t know where. I couldn’t find much on the blogs or Google, maybe Progressland knows more about the Museum’s history and fate.

A few odd things on this page. The cartoon lady – no comment. The Hooded dog, well, he has the potential to look scary, but that big smile makes him look happy.

Here are both sides of the back page. Things sure were different Forty-Eight years ago.


Major Pepperidge said...

What the heck? I've never even HEARD of this attraction. I wonder if it was inside the Bonecraft store? And it's from 1960 too. I can almost understand if this was a short-lived 1955 thing, but you'd think that there would be some reference in guidebooks or other places.

I'd be curious to hear if Jason knows anything about this!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

How cool. I did not know they were in DL. Tandy (Radio Shack) was one of the companies that started the personal computer revolution, with their TRS-80 in 1977 and TRS-80 Color Computer in 1980. Question, what the hell is Dottie doing?

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