Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Super Summer 1970 Press Release

1970 was the “Super Summer” 15 year celebration for Disneyland. Here is the cover to the July 27 thru August 2, 1970 flyer. You can see this entire gate Flyer and a 1970 ticket book on my previous post here (link).

News from Disneyland” the first page of a press release dated June 15, 1970. All sorts of fun details are inside, the Haunted Mansion and its 999 ghosts get a decent mention. Below is a link to the entire 5 page release.

Complete June 15, 1970 Super Summer Press Release (5 pages)

Some great black & white press photos were included. Each photo is stamped “Walt Disney Productions...” on the back and has an explanation note attached to the photo,

Those were fun! Next up is a four page “Fact Sheet”, it seems the actual celebration began on June 22, 1970. All four pages are in the link below.

Complete "Fact Sheets" Super Summer (4 pages)

All this great stuff came in this nice custom envelope.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

What an absolutely fantastic post. I am still reading it. Never before seen pics. Great stuff Tim!

Major Pepperidge said...

Good grief Tim, you need to pace yourself! So much great stuff in one post. Like Viewliner, I've never seen any of those pix before, I especially like that "Police Gazette" Golden Horseshoe photo. Thanks!

Kevin Kidney said...

Oh my lordy lord. This is my favorite kind of stuff - the images that makes me hunch forward in my chair with my chin cradled in both hands and just stare in wonder. How could a time in which I was a living participant seem so far away and otherworldly to me now? Oh man, seriously I want to be one of those Kids of the Kingdom! I mean look at the fantastic matching clothes they got to wear - and the dandy white shoes on the guys. Could they be any cooler in their exuberant enthusiasm and spotlessly white poly-blend, singing "Hallelujah Trail" and "This Land is Your Land?" I bet they all just dug getting up there on that elevator stage everyday and rocking out with synchronized sideways hand-clapping.

Seeing the lineup of entertainment planned for the anniversary party, I notice "The Sound Castle, Ltd" and recall that they are the band performing "Sugar Sugar" with young Kurt Russell on "Disneyland Showtime" - also filmed in Summer of 70!

Thanks a lot for all of this dazzling stuff. Your blog is one of my utmost faves.