Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take a Bus to Disneyland - 1955 Photo Find

Today’s post is a follow up too last week’s Magazine Monday post “Take a Bus to Disneyland” (link). My good friend at Disney on Parole found this amazing collection of MTA archival photos on Flickr and shared it with us, thank you! The entire 45 picture MTA/Disneyland collection can be found at Flickr here (link).

Here’s a set of photos from November 19, 1955 that were taken for the article in my post of last week.

This last one from November 19, 1955 claims to be at Disneyland, anyone know where this is/was?

This set is from is from August 12, 1955 and appears to follow around some of the MTA drivers.

Thanks again to Disney on Parole!


The Blue Parrot said...

Hazarding a guess at the dining room, could this be the secret or private dining room at the Red Wagon Inn?

The Viewliner Limited said...

Were talking some serious transportation stuff here. Thanks VDT and DOP. Great pictures.

Thufer said...

ditto blue parrot's question. i was wondering the same thing.

this is an amazing fine, thanks for sharing.

Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, I agree that it must be the private dining area at the Red Wagon Inn. Neat collection!

Dave said...

Wow, what a fantastic collection! I've seen that Flickr page before (I'm a big fan of old transit), but these must have been added since. It's always great to see Walt interacting with Disneyland's "partners".