Friday, March 27, 2009

We Built a Better (Magic) Mountain - 1981

Not to be confused with last weeks post (link) were Six Flags was “Building a Better Mountain”. In today’s post from 1981 Six Flags has done it, yup, they “Built a Better Mountain” and it only took a year! It’s interesting (to me at least) to note that last weeks brochure from 1980 made no mention of the new Roaring Rapids, now open in 1981.

You are guaranteed to get wet on this ride. Anywhere from “My shirt is wet, it feels good and dries in 30 minutes” to “I’m soaked down to my socks, shoes and underwear, this is going to be a long squishy day”.

Better Rides, Better Shows. That Steve Martin puppet is not a “wild and crazy guy”, he’s more like a demon from Puppet Master! Barbara Mandrell, I’m starting to miss the 80’s. And there’s the brand new “Buccaneer”, it was only an artist conception in 1980 (link).

Better Adventures! Do you get the feeling Magic Mountain is “better”? Spillikin’s handcrafters, what fun, candy making and yes, basket weaving! That food on the silver platter looks a lot “better” that the food from the 1980 brochure (link).

Only two Gallons North of Hollywood”. I guess they dropped that tag line some time after the fuel shortages of the 70’s.

If your into the Magic of the Mountain, be sure to check out all my previous posts here (link).

This week’s worth of posts had no Bonus Sunday teasers, so here you go. This is the center fold from a great 1965/66 "Schwinn takes a trip to Disneyland" catalog. If you haven’t seen it, it’s really amazing. It has 36 pages with tons of photos almost entirely taken at Disneyland (on a closed day obviously). I can’t find a date, but “66” is written in pencil on the back and this photo is somewhat rare in that it’s the “Old” Tomorrowland (55'-66') with the “New” square Skyway buckets (65' to 94').

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire “Schwinn takes a trip to Disneyland” catalog.

P.s. As a future bonus Sunday teaser, I’ve also got a Schwinn Catalog from 1970 photographed entirely on location at Knott’s Berry Farm.


TokyoMagic! said...

Barbara Mandrell at Magic Mt, huh? If loving her is wrong, I don't want to be right.

The only thing I remember about that giant marionette show is the Superman puppet flying around the theater. Is that theater even there anymore?

Major Pepperidge said...

Spillikin Corners, I can still smell the candle shop!

I like those river raft rides, but I HATE getting really really soaked. What to do? Not ride them!

Love the Schwinn catalog... that durned thing used to be so rare, now you can get one for relatively cheap. I think that the following year they did the catalog at Knott's.

Matt said...

I've always has a fond place in my heart for Roarin' Rapids as my uncle created it for Six Flags while he was GM at Astroworld in Houston...

Katella Gate said...

I saw Shari Lewis at Magic Mountain back in the 70's performing with Lamb Chop... The problem is I thought I was going to see Jerry Lewis perform with Dean Martin.

I had a similar theatrical accident in the 80's when I went to see "Ordinary People" with Mary Tyler Moore, having been told by a "buddy" that it was "the continuing adventures of Mary Richards."

I now take playbills much more seriously.