Monday, March 2, 2009

Ecran Magazine - August 1955

Welcome to Magazine Monday! Digging a little deeper into the stack of “odd” magazines, this week’s feature is “Ecran” Magazine from August 1955.  I think it’s called “Ecran”, which translates to “Screen” in French. The magazine itself does not appear to be in French. From what I can tell it was printed in Argentina or Mexico or maybe Chile.

A wonderful photo of Judy Garland graces the cover of this faded and fading fast magazine. The paper is similar to the lined paper we used in 1st grade. Oddly, Judy’s photo does not appear anywhere else in the magazine.

Disneylandia” I bet that translates to “Disneyland” You’re on your own with the rest of this four page article. I must confess to only speaking English. If anyone wants to translate some of this please do.

Klenzo” detergent with a catchy name! Nice prizes.

A couple of the “Hollywood” sections.

Here’s three ½ page advertisements that I pasted together, I guess it was 1955 everywhere huh?

What is this lady using to make her face look like wax and why?

Mari Blanchard is looking mighty fine on the back cover, a “B” movie actress according to Wikipedia (link). Who is this Eduardo guy that signed both the front and the back?

Neat way to do the date whoever you are!

Since this magazine had Judy Garland on the cover but nothing about her inside, I thought I throw in this little video. From 1943 Live “Command Performance” radio show done for the WWII troops. Judy sings “Over the Rainbow” and nails it with such precision and emotion it’s spooky.


Major Pepperidge said...

Well, I can't read it, but this is pretty darn interesting anyway!! I'm happy that my high school Spanish lets me sorta kinda get what's going on occasionally...!

Katella Gate said...

The Roman numerals for months dating system was mostly a European thing, although you do see see it in some American correspondence between 1890 and 1920. After WWI it died out.