Saturday, March 7, 2009

News from Disneyland - Spring 1972

With all those high unemployment numbers lately don’t you wish it was 1972? Let’s pretend it’s the Spring of 1972 and you could be one of the 1,900 people that Disneyland needs for the summer. With the grand opening of Bear Country just weeks away (its 1972 remember?) the park is adding another 100 jobs to the already needed 1,800 for a total of 6,300 for the summer, WOW, do they even have that many now? I bet not after the last round of layoffs….

The Country Bears made the cover of the SUMMER 1972 Vacationland magazine!

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Disney On Parole said...

God how I miss this attraction!
so sad it's been replaced by a big pile of "POOH"!!!

Jason Schultz said...

I seem to recall in 2001 there was somewhere north of 20,000 people employed at the Resort.