Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Information for Disneyland Summer '62

A couple weeks ago we took a close look at a January 1962 Disneyland Ticket Book (link). Today let’s fast forward to the Summer of 1962.

Here’s all the “Information for Disneyland Visitors” that you could possibly want. This brochure was designed for hotel and motel guests.

Oh boy there's tons of information in here for ticket geeks like me! So many choices! Ticket Books, Guided Tours, Starlite Ticket Books (link), General Admission tickets and even a whole paragraph on why ticket books are your best value!

Saturday nights from June 9 through September 8 a special one hour show from Disneyland was telecast on KTTV Channel 11 in Los Angeles. “The program will emanate from different locations in the Park”. Has anyone ever seen one of these programs? It appears they were broadcast “Live” I wonder if they were also video taped? Wouldn’t those be great to see?

So much entertainment that they didn’t have room for a paragraph break!

The back of the Child’s 15 Adventure book with the typical fold down the center to make it fit in someone pocket!

The attraction list has a few more attractions compared to skimpy the January 1962 list (link).

  • Main Street: Same attractions, but they individually listed the Main St. Motor Vehicles.
  • Tomorrowland: The Astro-Jets & Autopia are back, The Monorail is now “via Disneyland Hotel” and the SF & D RR Trains now “through Grand Canyon Diorama”. Was the Diorama closed for the winter?
  • Fantasyland: Missing from January 1962 but now back are; Sleeping Beauty Castle, MM Club Theatre, Midget Autopia, Dumbo, Motor Boat Cruise, and the SF & D RR Trains.
  • Frontierland: Also missing from January 1962 but back are; Mike Fink Keel Boats, Indian War Canoes, The Sailing Ship Columbia and Tom Sawyer Island Rafts.
  • Adventureland: Adventureland was completely missing from January 1962, but now sports three attractions: The “Updated” Jungle Cruise, the Big Game Safari, and the brand new Swiss family Tree House.

I’d say that Winter/Spring 1962 had lots of attraction closures. Those lucky folks coming in June had a nice full list to chose from.

Now for a few tickets. The “E”, “D” and “B” are all that’s left from this June 1962 Child ticket book.

This Child “E” ticket is one of my personal favorites, it’s the original larger size “E” ticket and I sure like that tan Globe Safety paper!

The “D” ticket for the Child is not the usual goldenrod color the Adult and Junior tickets have, is this color “peach”?

Child’s “B” ticket in pink.

How about a fun Vacationland cover? From the Summer 1962 issue.

On Safari” This explains why Adventureland was MIA over the winter. Fascinating talk about the “Dinner show” at the Tiki Room and “Stouffers in Disneyland” Disneylands first “by reservation only” dining spa.

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire issue, its full of fun vintage Disneyland stuff.


walterworld said...

That's a great article on the new additions to Adventureland. I love the old Vacationland magazines.

A neat fact: Up until recently, the chairs in the Tiki Room were the original ones that were ordered when they had planned to have the dinner show inside. They were finally changed out when they did the major refurbishment a couple of years ago.

Take care---

Katella Gate said...

I wish I knew where those chairs are now!

BTW, I'd like to know exactly when Disney abandoned the unworkable concept of a dinner theater in the Tiki Room. Was it pretty late in the game?

I'm surprised that the flaw wasn't obvious from the start: People would be so engaged in the show, they wouldn't even start eating until it was over... And how do you kick people out of a restaurant with all their food still on the plate...