Friday, February 20, 2009

Operation M.O.U.S.E. Money - Follow up

You may recall a post from last month were we took a look at some late 60’s Operation Mouse Money, sort of a early Disney Dollar, only it was worth ¢50. A loyal blog reader sent in scans of the Operation Mouse Money and I posted it here (link). Well, after some emails back and forth, the loyal reader let me know he was the original owner of a couple of the Mouse Monies and was willing to part with one.

We agreed on a trade, I happily picked up a few items at the Emporium for the swap and in no time at all, the Mouse Money shown below was in my mail box! I was happy as Homer Simpson in a candy shop! It’s the size of a real dollar and its in amazing condition. And its on Star and Castle Paper!!!!! The readers scans were great, but I just had to scan it again now that its home.

Look what else my loyal reader friend sent me, a Disneyland Line from July 17, 1980, how incredibly cool was that! THANKS! What a fun cover, the middle photo is silly & cute, the ones of Walt on the right are nice if not often repeated, but the ones on the left look less familiar to me.

Park Scan; Before and after Black & White style.

Typical anniversary history stuff that I never get tired of reading. And I sure do like the story about the Clock on Main Street Station having the wrong time and why it wasn’t getting fixed right.

The back cover has some nice rare photos too, thanks Tink!

With this blog I've meet some great people, made new friends and made some great trades! Thanks everyone!

Come back tomorrow for Souvenir Saturday - 1955.


Jason Schultz said...

Bob McGrath worked at the Walt Disney Archives and produced some very nice historical articles on the Park that ran in several 1980 Disneyland Lines. I don't know what ever happened to him...

The Viewliner Limited said...

Great stuff as always Tim. I love the Mouse money.

Yellows said...

1980, my favorite year! Thanks!