Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bonus Sunday - Part 1

Welcome to Bonus Sunday, Part 1. 

From yesterday’s Disney’s California Adventure post, here’s the entire promotional brochure. It’s a large download, but truly an amazing piece of work. The excitement was palatable and the expectations were very high.  Too bad the budget was too low…

The Great California Adventure Brochure – 150mb

If you’re not that into DCA, understood, me either. However, after reading thru this brochure I think it's time to reconsider and give the second gate a second chance. A bunch of talented people put a lot of hard work into the place, it deserves a better look.

If you don’t want to give California Adventure a second chance, at least check out the first four pages (shown below) from the brochure. The Map is very well done and the other three pages tell the story of how the Disneyland and surrounding area had to be upgraded in order to handle the new park.


TokyoMagic! said...

They should have spent the extra money and built Westcot. They were building a park that was forever going to be neighboring the original Disneyland. This was no time to be cutting back on quality! It's funny now to read how Marty Sklar bragged about being in the group that came up with the idea of a "California" themed park. I wonder if the people responsible for Light Magic and the New Tomorrowland of 1998 also bragged about their involvement in those projects?

keeline said...

2001 was coming out of the dot-com crash so perhaps this was a factor in why money was scarce for DCA. In the US we don't have the Oriental Land Company funneling large sums to make these parks succeed.

About a year ago there were announcements that major overhauls of DCA and DL would be made. They named people who would be responsible for each park's redesign and Tony Baxter was named for the work on Disneyland which would reach nearly $1 billion and DCA was to get a full $1 billion. I have not heard of these plans being slowed down or trimmed back but would not be surprised to learn of this given the global economy and projected park attendance.

In Jan 2001 we were able to visit DCA before its official opening and we took many photos and put up this gallery which was popular at the time.