Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vintage Knott's Souvenir Slides

Here’s an undated, but certainly very old set of Souvenir slides for Knott’s Berry Farm. These were from “Meston’s Travels Around the World”. The set came to me with 8 slides, I’m not sure if some are missing, but these 8 are in order. 

Slide scanning is not my specialty, scanning paper items is much easier.  There are no color corrections or adjustments, the more I mess with those the worse things get!  These seem to have some color left in them, unlike some of the newer Pana-Vue slides that turn bright magenta.

Slide 1351a – “Main Street, Ghost Town”: Check here (link) for a recent photo of the blacksmith shop.

Slide 1351b – “Gold Mine, Ghost Town”: Wow, none of this remains, except there’s still a tower (link).

Slide 1351c – “Pioneer Woman”: What is this building? It looks like a log cabin, I’m guessing it’s long gone.

Slide 1351d – “Judge Roy Bean’s Saloon”: I’m told this structure has been moved from its original location, but its still looks pretty much the same in 2008 (link).

Slide 1351e - “Boot Hill, Ghost Town”: Boot Hill is still at Knott’s (not much of it, but its there). However, I think Deadwood Dick's grave was always near Hop Wing Lee’s Laundry where he still rests in peace today (link). The current tombstone is either the same piece of wood or someone did one heck of a job recreating the thing, even down to the knot holes!

Slide 1351f – “Prospectors”: Are they still at Knott’s?  I think so.

Slide 1351g – “Wagon Camp, Ghost Town”: Still at the farm, but very condensed.

Slide 1351h – “Chapel”: The best slide was saved for last. The poor Little Chapel is out in the trash heap along with the original berry stand and so many other of Knott’s treasures.

This is what the slides look like. Weird ghostly effect when you scan it this way…


outsidetheberm said...

These are fun souvenirs.

The tower you link to in shot number two is the 'Lucky Cuss' which is over by Boot Hill - not this location.
That's Aunt Nellie and her dulcimer in shot three, and yes her cabin is long gone. As for the little chapel, there's hope yet...

Major Pepperidge said...

I suppose that today's audiences would find the old Knott's to be boring, but these photos are so great. Makes me miss it!

Kevin Kidney said...

These images are so fun to see!! The park was such an authentic experience back then.

Anonymous said...

I remember the old Gypsy camp and the John Wayne theater. I also loved Knotts Berry Tales ride with all the smells they would pump in.

Anonymous said...