Friday, January 23, 2009

January 1962 Mint Disneyland Tickets or Where's Adventure Land?

A recent addition to my collection is this nice ticket book from January 1962. The E, D and C tickets are in mint condition. It always amazes me how paper that is 47 years old can look so new.

In reverse order, let’s start with the Grand “E” ticket. I’m holding this ticket right now and I swear it looks and feels like it was printed yesterday. Globe safety paper was made to last. Flying Saucers!

Some of the attractions on the “D" ticket are just as good as an “E” in my opinion.

I wonder where the Tomorrowland Autopia was?  It’s not listed on the attraction list either, closed for the winter maybe?

This “B” ticket is from June 1961, it’s close to the “B" ticket that’s missing from this book.

The “A” ticket has an odd stain, weird since none of the other tickets are stained?

Disney was a genius with these ticket books. You the customer felt you were getting a discount, in this case $1.75 less than the face value of the tickets and the admission ticket. Here’s the catch, it seems most people didn’t use all the tickets. They kept them for future visits never taken or scrap-booked them or just didn’t use them all (later to be sold on EBay to collectors for more than their face value!). I bet if you did the math, Walt came out on the Plus side.

Babes in Toyland” listed on Main Street, I never noticed that before.

From the Winter of 1961-62, here’s a fantastic cover to the Vacationland. I like the ’60 Chevy station wagon almost as much as the Yellow and Red Monorails!!!


Check back on Bonus Sunday for the entire issue, it’s packed full of fun stuff.


Anonymous said...

I presume the Jungle Cruise doesn't get a mention because it was undergoing the refurbishment which gave us the elephants' bathing pool. Anyone know how long it was down for?

Westcot2000 said...

Babes in Toyland was in the Opera House.

Anonymous said...

Were there no attractions operating in Adventureland in 1962?

Major Pepperidge said...

So strange that there are NO Adventureland attractions mentioned at all. January was the off season, I guess! Interesting though. And at that point, I guess the Jungle Cruise was pretty much the only attraction in that land anyway, and the Indian Elephant pool was added in '62, so maybe that explains it.

Great post, I am often amazed at how much information can be gleaned if you pay attention (which I never do). I should dig out my box of ticket books and see if there are any interesting details!

jedblau said...

For some reason that I cannot explain, this Vacationand is one of the hardest to find...