Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday! First, lets start off with something non-vintage, but most certainly a Bonus, well, a Bonus for me!

This little folder arrived in my mail box yesterday. This is my first Annual Pass renewal, so I was extra excited to see this.

Inside are some nice words about the “Magic of Membership” and...

Here’s the magic for me, my annual pass! I’d show you the back but (a) The mouse might not like that since it’s a current & valid pass and (b) the photo that's on my license is better than this one!

From Monday’s post (link) here is the complete Fall/Winter 1981-82 Vacationland.

Vacationland Fall/Winter 1981-82 – 68.5mb

Adventures in Peter Pan Country” Better catch those adventures while you can, this whole area, ship, skull and all, will be gone in less than a year (link).

From Thursday’ post (link) here is the complete Winter/Spring 1964 Vacationland.

Vacationland Winter/Spring 1964 – 56.5mb

The Majestic Matterhorn. This article is a little hard to read due the drawing of the Matterhorn encroaching on the text… The Full PDF above might be easier to read.

The centerfold “Highlights”.

The back of the annual passport folder, it’s all in the details.

Come back tomorrow for the first edition of “Magazine Monday” Featuring “McCall’s” magazine from February 1956.


The Viewliner Limited said...

These are some great magazines Tim. Thanks again they, as always are wonderful reading. Appreciated.

Major Pepperidge said...

Just the cover of that Vacationland, with the aerial "map" of the Jungle Cruise, would have been a great post all by itself!

keeline said...

It was a post by itself:

Fall/Winter 1981-82 Vacationland

I really like it when you post these Vacationland issues. I haven't been able to afford to collect them all yet I'd like to index them someday.

When you say you want magazines for Mondays, do you mean the whole magazine or just the Disneyland parts?


TokyoMagic! said...

That Jungle Cruise artwork is wonderful. I like that it shows both the old Adventurleand ticket booth (down in the lower right hand corner), and the curve that the boats used to take to the right just after entering the jungle (where the two aligators are jumping for the hornbilled bird on a branch). This section of the ride was removed to make room for the entrance and exit to the Indy attraction, but I think that bird ended up on a beam on the second level of the Jungle Cruise queue.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Thanks Viewliner! Major, I love that map too, and so does TokyoMagic!

Hi James @ Keeline! I'll take anything for Magazine Monday's! Just the Disneyland parts would be great, an ad or two would be super too! I'm about 90% in my Vacationland collection.

Tokyo, looks like you examined that map closely! I didn't even notice the ticket booth!!!!! I've tried explaining the path change in jungle cruise to my friends, I get blank stares and they swear its never changed!

Anonymous said...

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