Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today at Disneyland Jan. 18 thru Jan. 22, 1988

It’s Today at Disneyland, January 18 thru January 22, 1988 and Circus Fantasy is back! To see a previous post on the original 1987 Circus Fantasy, click here (link).  

This is officially a “parking lot” flyer. Lots of choices about the tickets. The unlimited annual pass seems like a bargain at $140, then again $21.50 for day seems pretty fair too.

Clown face painting at Videopolis, how utterly 80’s! The rest of this entertainment sounds really weird, too much circus and clown stuff for me.

The big map is where to find all that fun Circus Entertainment. This is when Circle Vision was running two different show each day, “Wonders of China” and “American Journey” wow that sure is a lot of films reels to change out twice a day.

The coming attractions show a little more series entertainment following all this circus stuff.

The New Disney Gallery… Ok, make that the “Old” Disney Gallery. Lets hope the New-new Disney Gallery is just as nice. I hear it will be where the bank/AP center is now. While I am sorry to see the “Bank” go, it would be fun if they open it to the upstairs!

Alpha Beta decided this “Circus Fantasy” thing was just too good to be left out. This little ticket was good for $5 off an adult ticket to Disneyland. It was only good during 6 magical days and nights in February 1988. With the stub you also got two Disney Dollars, what a deal. To see the history of Alpha Beta Super markets and many other stores, check out this fantastic blog: Pleasant Family Shopping.

These were the valid dates in February 1988, includes free parking.

This post needs some color! Here’s the cover to the “Your 1988 Souvenir Guide”, this is version one of two for 1988.

The fun color map inside of the souvenir guide.

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire Guide.


Major Pepperidge said...

They just CAN'T let that circus idea go! Looks like there were lots and lots of clowns. I'd still like to see "Terror Trolley", sounds kind of cool.

Westcot2000 said...

Globe of Death? On the Hub? What's next, a Ferris Wheel?

I guess the guy getting shot out of a cannon didn't make it back for '88.

Great post.

I'm back, by the way.