Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gala Premiere of Fantasy on Parade - December 18, 1965

Welcome to the Gala Premiere of Walt Disney’s Fantasy on Parade.  Saturday Evening December 18 – 8:00 PM. (Please be seated by 7:30 PM). There is no year printed on this ticket, but it must be 1965. Several sources list the start of the parade as 1965 and December 18th was a Saturday in 1965.

How in the world did you get one of these? It does not indicate admission to the park, maybe there was special seating for the parade that required one of these tickets? Was Walt at this event? 

Below is a ticket for December 18, 1976, complimentary of course. Fantasy on Parade ran thru the 1976 holiday season and was replaced for 3 years with “The Very Merry Christmas Parade” which was featured in yesterday’s post. Fantasy on Parade would return in 1980.  

A great 1975 Photo of Fantasy on Parade courtesy of Daveland, here a link to Daves post with several photos of the parade (link). Thanks Dave and we miss Madge & Mildred.

It seems clear the parade started in 1965, why did the Disneyland Collectors Series cards place it in 1964? Maybe because they wanted the “Tencennial” on the 1965 card?

If you want to see the entire parade on film from 1972 here’s a post from last Christmas on Micechat that has links to the parade in 4 parts. It super fun to watch (Link). Thanks MerlinJones!


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, that ticket from 1965 is GREAT! There can't be too many of those still around.

Anonymous said...

Holiday Season
fantasy on parade
Saturday December 18,1976
This ticket serves as complimentary admission on all Disneylnd's adventures and attractions (except shooting galleries)
Complimentary Disneyland
Good only december 18,1976
Holiday Season

scott said...

Walt was at the '65 Christmas parade, and I had one of those tickets. It was for the bleachers in front of the train station.

scott olsen

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