Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bonus Sunday

Today's Bonus Sunday features the complete 4th issue in the TV Guide series "Disneyland Album". This issue covers January 22-28, 1955. (see link's below for the this full issue)

If you missed any of these great TV Guides, below are the links to the all four of the January 1955 TV Guides that feature the "Disneyland Album":

TV Guide Jan. 1-7, 1955 - 55MB

TV Guide Jan. 8-14, 1955 - 66MB

TV Guide Jan. 15-21, 1955 - 53MB

TV Guide Jan. 22-28, 1955 - 39MB    ** This Weeks Issue ***

TV was in a different universe in 1955, today's TV is all but unrecognizable. I think I like 1955's version better, how about you?


The Viewliner Limited said...

Thanks Tim. Great Sunday reading as always.

Dave said...

I absolutely like 1955's version better. Or 1965's. Or 1975's!

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