Friday, December 26, 2008

Pliovic Vinyl Resin on Caser Jr. - 1955

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I sure did. I ate so much I'm still full!

Today's quickie post is an ad from an unknown magazine and an unknown date. It was presented to me as 1955 and looking at the barren hills from the the Story Book ride I would say this is 1955 or early 1956. Hey I thought those dragon sleds came from the carousel, maybe this is how they duplicated them?

Anyway, it's a weird ad, did those kids go to Disneyland to watch Pliovic vinyl resin in use, maybe this should have been done in Tomorrowland???

Oh, and where exactly are these folks doing there Resin molding? I can't place the orientation of this photo.... Anyone?


Daveland said...

Tim - I think it's a bit of pre-photoshop magic....I could be wrong, but I am guessing that this ad is comprised of a few photos composited into one.

TokyoMagic! said...

I also thought the dragon sleighs originally came from the carousel, but you are right...they probably had to duplicate them in resin since the wood versions would have been irreplaceable.

Matt said...

Looks like it's basically where the line is currently located for Storybookland. The bridge is over where the boats would come out of Storybookland and the green patch of "grass" on the left would be the floral display spelling "Storybookland".

I also checked some aerial shots on and it appears my guess is correct.

keeline said...

This ad is interesting to me because it is another example of companies whose technology is used in Disneyland using that association to sell their products. I have several examples of trade magazines with articles along this line. For example, one is from Compressed Air Magazine and it describes how they are used at the SF&D RR and other places in the park.

Doing a quick check on the phrase "pliovic vinyl resin" in Google Books yields just 8 hits but one of them is from Plastics Technology magazine dated 1955 (p. 308). Unfortunately, this is only available as a snippet view so it's not very helpful.

Using quotes around just two of the words yields more hits (37): pliovic "vinyl resin" and one of these is from 1949.

I was also curious about when this material might have been patented so I looked to Google Patents and the earliest one that uses the phrase pliovic and vinyl resin is from 1950. Likely this is after the trade name was established.

One thing is pretty sure. The ad did not appear in Popular Science or Popular Mechanics. Both of these have recently been added to Google Books and although you can't download PDFs for the issues after 1922, you can read them online and they can be quite interesting.

James Keeline