Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gala New Year's Party at Disneyland 1966 & 1967

Today’s extra special group of ticket scans was kindly donated by Gorilla’s Don’t Blog, thanks Major!!

From Saturday December 31, 1966 here’s an ultra low serial number ticket for the Gala Party. “Hats & Noisemakers” included with the unlimited use of all Adventures and Attractions.

Sunday December 31, 1967 was the date these fun characters are dancing with such excitement about. They sure are fun to look at, I love that art work. “Crazy New Year’s Hats” for this year, "Surprise Midnight Spectacular", and of course “unlimited use of all Disneyland attractions”.

The pink version was for “advance sale” and cost $9.00.

The blue version cost $10.00 and must have been for purchase the day of the event at the ticket booths. All these low serial numbers and “void” punches tell me these are either test tickets or tickets for the main gate folks to use to know what the tickets would look like, either way that makes them extra cool to me…

Thank you Major for these and the other fine contributions you have donated over the past year, they are much appreciated.

Happy New Year Everyone, Have a Fun and Safe night!


Major Pepperidge said...

Happy New Year to you, Tim! Thanks for all of your great posts.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Thanks for a great year of pics Tim. They are all appreciated. Happy New Year, Richard

Dave said...

Happy New Year, Tim. Looking forward to more in 2009!

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