Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ride the Fun Bus - Again

Way back in January 2008 I posted the weird ticket shown below (link). At the time I didn’t have any other information about the “Fun Bus” but have since found a little fold up brochure.

The Fun Bus was sort of an early version of the ART (Anaheim Resort Transit).

The “ART” doesn’t appear to go to Knott’s or Japanese Village, curse them! I bet they don't go to Movieland Was Museum either!

The time table for you time travelers who want to ride the Fun Bus, and who doesn’t? Hey, the Space Age Lodge is on the list!!!!

When you unfold the whole brochure you get this super Knott’s promotion. Did Knott’s own the Fun Bus?

This ticket book is dated May 1975. It does match the brochure above as far as price, but Knott’s didn’t seem to raise their prices as regularly as Disneyland did so the brochure could be from 1974.

This ticket book is an oddity. The Main Gate admission ticket and the back panel are from the 1970-74 type of ticket books, which only had “A” – Gold Nugget and “B” Silver Dollar tickets (link).

This May 1975 ticket book has the new ABCD tickets that closely resemble the Disneyland tickets in style and size. These are some of my favorite Knott’s tickets. They are crisp and new as the day they were printed (they’re from an unused book - "snapping" them from the book felt great). These neat colors are pretty much unique to the Knott’s Child tickets, especially the mustard? "C" ticket.


Major Pepperidge said...

Boy, I'd love to get an unused Knott's ticket book, those things must be considerably rarer than unused Disneyland ticket books.

Davelandweb said...

I'm ready for a ride on the fun bus. Where do I pick one up?

Katella Gate said...

You know, you could charge admission to a ticket tearing perforation party. $10 to tear a late 70's "A" coupon from the book, $50 to tear an early "E" ticket... $500 to tear the admission ticket from the decade of your choice.

Quiche and Mimosas extra.

Sad to think how many who read this blog have no idea what joy the sound of ripping perforations brought just a step or two away from enchanted turnstiles.