Monday, February 22, 2010

Magazine Monday - Bottom of the Barrel

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Yes Magazine Monday still lives, sort of. We've pretty much reached the bottom of the stack, to the sub-obscure section. Since were getting at the “not to exciting” issues, you get two for one today.

Up first, from February 1986 if LIFE Magazine. LIFE was still a large format magazine in 1986, not the HUGE size it used to be, but still large at 10” by 13”. Bathing Beauties, what is this Sport Illustrated?

The Disneyland article is short and sweet at just two pages. I tried to paste the two pages together but Photoshop kept corrupting the whole mess so I gave up.

8,000 pounds of latex, what would the Green Police say about that today?

How about a few 1980’s vintage advertisements? It’s the Movie everyone’s been waiting to pay $89 for a fuzzy VHS tape. It's in my collection of VHS tapes.

This issue is full of cigarette and alcohol ads, who ran this magazine the Carrington’s? What’s with that weak Surgeon General’s warning? How about WARNING: “Smoke and Die”. And how about not even thinking of smoking near aviation fuel?

The guy on the left thinks something is really funny - he knows lamp shades will be involved later.

From July 26, 1992 it’s everyone favorite “Soap Opera” Magazine. I’m not missing the 90’s yet…

The cast from the famous soap “Santa Barbara” are Day Tripping at Disneyland in this silly two page spread.

There's only one advertisement in this magazine and it’s for, you guessed it, cigarettes! Eve’s style had evolved by the 1980’s, just like the women’s movement. “Made with gently steamed tobacco” alright, I not a woman or a smoker, but that sounds disgusting – sorta like sucking on a wet ashtray…


Major Pepperidge said...

Soap operas have always mystified me, they're so cheesy and boring! "Gently steamed tobacco", that's a new one (to me).

Man, that's a lot of balloons. It looks like a swarm of locusts. Colorful locusts.

Progressland said...

Is it bad that I remembered it was called Skyfest? And what's that in front of the Castle? At any rate, it's nice to see the Parking Lot again!

outsidetheberm said...

Progressland, the items in front of the castle are more balloons stuffed in gigantic bags, ready for release. I took my daughters with me that day - they still recall that sight.