Friday, October 2, 2009

Knott's Good Time Gazette - May 1976

It’s May 1976 and Knott’s Berry Farm has doubled the size of its Roaring 20’s area with the “Roaring 20’s Airfield”. Bear-y Tales has a new book for sale, since this was my favorite Knott’s attraction of all time I might just have that book.

Who doesn’t love a Knott’s Map? Hey wait, the new area described on the front page is blank on the map, I want my money back! I remember visiting Knott’s in the summer of 1976 and everything was in place and so new, it really had a great atmosphere, until…. I rode that darn Parachute Sky Jump and almost died at age 11 from a heart attack! Katella Gate said it perfect on a post over at Gorilla’s don’t blog (link): "There was no solid floor in the baskets either, just an open catwalk platform so you got to feel the air blowing over you as you fell to your death -- twice. PS - Looking up at the towerhead is just as bad as looking down.” So true, heck looking up was worse!

Exciting entertainment, Johnny (Secret Agent Man) Rivers!!!

As with everything vintage in my collection that was actually mine from when it was new, this book is beat up and sort of abused.

The colors are so vivid that a little tattering doesn’t really matter. I know EVERY turn on that map. Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire book.

How about a set of tickets from May 1976? I love Knott’s tickets almost as much as Disneyland tickets, which is no surprise since they are blatant copies! Except remember, Knott’s lettered tickets are backwards in value compared with Disneyland. The “A” ticket at Knott’s is for the best attractions and Knott’s had no “E” ticket, their “D” ticket was the bottom of the line.

It’s a LOT taller than this beautiful concept art depicts.

The Gasoline Alley was very cool, great little cars. The concept art is not exactly how it came out, it didn’t have such a woodsy look to it.

Think Disneyland’s “A” ticket and you’ve got Knott’s “D” ticket. I’d give the archery range a shot!

I guess this little girl used her “D” ticket on the Merry-go-round.


Major Pepperidge said...

Merry-Go-Round = a "D" ticket??

Great Knott's post, lots to absorb! I do love the map, and am always amazed that they had more than one entrance (three in fact).

Wish I had experienced Knott's Beary Tales... everyone loved that ride!

I hope Johnny Rivers had a good crowd... I saw the Monkees (minus Michael Nesmith) at Magic Mountain in the early 70's and it was kind of sad.

Katella Gate said...

Thanks for posting your Knott's stuff, especially the Knott's Beary Tales book.

I know "distance lends enchantment to the view" and my last ride was decades ago, but I do believe that Beary Tales was done with fun and good humor, and had it survived, would be much admired today.

Anonymous said...

Berry Tales was a fun dark ride. Too bad it's gone.
I'm with both of you guys regarding the parachute drop. The only reason I went on it was because my girlfriend wanted to go and , well, I had to prove I was no wimp. It was a bad startagy. There was no way to feel comfortable on that ride. You stood up during the entire experience. I can still feel my hands getting sweaty. After it was over she KNEW I was wimpy!